Pre-Assembled Bathroom Furniture: 5 perks

Home & gardenby Debamalya Mukherjee13 December 2023

Bathroom Furniture

Producers offer pre-assembled furniture as an alternative to the standard bathroom vanities and cabinets. Such furniture is ready to use and everything you need is just to install it.

You can find our offers for such furniture on the Luxod LLC’s website pages. What makes its products so attractive?

Extended Product Line

Modern wall solutions are available together with classic floor-standing items. Wall drawers are optimal solutions for small bathrooms: they look less bulky and do not overcharge the space. Moreover, such wall solutions make floor mopping process as easy as ABC.

You may choose the configuration you need. For instance, linear models will suit for long and narrow spaces while small square-shaped rooms are often equipped with L-shaped ensembles.

High-Quality Materials

Only reliable and durable materials are used for bathroom furniture production. The furniture frame is manufactured from solid wood, which is a strong material resistant to any environmental load. It is common to utilize MDF for facades and door frames, which has such benefits as water and temperature change resistance. Plywood is used in the manufacturing of shelves.

High-Quality Materials

Reliable Fittings

Fittings produced by famous manufacturers account for the furniture functionality. Doors are supplied with concealed hinges that ensure smooth and quiet closing, and drawers are equipped with special draw slide systems that provide easy movement.

Deliberate Arrangement

Base cabinets are equipped with roll-out trays designed for the storage of small things and different-sized compartments concealed behind the doors. Wall cabinets are often equipped with shelves. Also, the tall cabinets are commonly used in small rooms – they are narrow and high models. Such a solid approach to the organization of furniture interior ensures convenient storage of such things as towels and cosmetics.

Modern Design

Most of the models are designed according to the trend styles – Euro-style and shaker. Such styles have much in common: for instance, they are inspired by minimalism with its sharp lines, simple geometry, and rejection of any décor.

Shaker is mostly focused on a high-key color range – white, beige, sandy, and light gray tons. Such a color array will visually extend the small space. A Euro-styled ensemble does often have some features inspired by high tech, e.g. large metal accessories.

If you feel for classics, you should probably pay heed to modern interpretation of Venetian style. It stands for contrast delicate accessories, high legs, and faux marble tops.

You may order pre-assembled bathroom furniture online through the cart on Luxod LLC’s website or by calling (850) 260-0805. We offer free development of the design concept, delivery, and the opportunity to order sample doors and colored blocks.

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