The Beauty of Chateau Tour Saint Christophe

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Chateau Tour Saint Christophe

Just like many other chateaus, Chateau Tour Saint Christophe got its name from the geographical location of the vineyard it was situated on.

The chateau is located very close to the village of Saint Emilion, adjacent to another chateau called Chateau Fleur Cardinale and Valandraude.

The famous Hong Kong Billionaire, Peter Kwok, fell in love with the ethereal beauty of the land and purchased it in 2012 from the Castel Group. The famed billionaire’s love affair with chateaus and vineyards started much earlier.

Before Saint Christophe, he had purchased Chateau Haut Brisson in 1997. This is also located near the same village of Saint Emilion.

The billionaire’s obsession with French palaces and sweeping vineyards has meant that he now owns seven of them-

  1. Chateau Haut Brisson
  2. Chateau La Patache
  3. Chateau Enclos Tourmaline
  4. Chateau Lalande
  5. Chateau Bellefont-Belcier
  6. Chateau Tourans
  7. Chateau Saint Christophe

Chateau Tour Saint Christophe Terroir:

Packing a lot of clay and limestone soils, the St. Emilion vineyard, spread over 20 hectares of land of Chateau Tour Saint Christophe is composed of old and healthy vines that are perfect for winemaking. New parcels have a higher density of vines, consisting of 7500, which is a lot denser than the older patches, which are only 6500.

The vineyards are being modernized to improve wine making facilities like cellars. All of the work of wine production is organic, with biodynamic sustenance as their farming technique.  They also keep a small portion for white wine, giving ¼ hectare for farming and producing white wine, as 2017 vintage was released.

They use micro vinification methods in winemaking, but for the Grand Vin, the choices grapes are 100% fermented before the process begins. Half the quantity due produced via a process called micro vinification, in which they are preserved in 60% French barrels, which are new, for 18 full months.

Tour Saint Christophe Blanc:

The first vintage Christophe Black was released in 2017. The winery started their production on white wine. The wine is 100% made on Sauvignon grapes called Gris. The wine preservation part of the wine is taken care of by barrels made from French Oak and clay amphora. However, the production and the wine itself is tough as they only produce 50 cases each year.

How to Drink Chateau Tour Saint Christophe:

The wine is to be best enjoyed in its early stages. It also does not require a lengthier decantation process. If you are able to keep the wine open for around one to three hours, it is best for it to settle down. This is where the best aroma of the wine is to be enjoyed. For some critics, the best aged Saint Christophe is around between the ages of six years and twenty-two years.

Food Pairing:

The best flavor of the wine according to experts sets in at around the 15 degrees temperature mark. The freshness of the vintage is excellent which adds up to its flavor. The wine is virtually great in any paired dish.

Nearly any kind of meat is best, but to some, the best meat that you could pair it with is grilled and braised dishes. This is something that is almost aristocratic in its appeal.

Wine connoisseurs are of the opinion that dishes like roast chicken, beef, veal or lamb are best enjoyed with Saint Christophe. The wine is also perfect for pairing with Asian dishes, something that Peter Kwok would readily agree with because the exotic taste of the dish complements to the wine.


With Peter Kwok, and Karen Kwok’s daughter as the person behind the success of the appellation, and Jean ChristopheMeyrou as her managing director, there is still much to see in the future of Chateau Tour Saint Christophe. Very well-known because of their wine, Chateau Tour Saint Christophe is one of the most important and famous names not just in France, but also in the winemaking business. The flavors that they offer from both of their red and white wines are genuinely diverse and magnificent. The wines have a have unique flavor and aroma and paired with almost any dish paired with it, but the wines wouldn’t be much more unique and magnificent without their smart ways of producing and maintaining their vineyards. Not to mention the perfect place and soil for their vines to grow healthier and easy to maintain. With all of this, Chateau Tour Saint Christophe is genuinely a formidable name in the wine industry.

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