Comparing The Best Smartphone Operating Systems: Ios Vs Android

Mobileby Mony Shah19 December 2023

Operating Systems

Mobile phones, GPS, and the internet connect people closer than ever. Among them, mobile phones are the most common communication device. Specifically, smartphones have become an easy way to talk and chat with anyone worldwide. These smartphones work on software called smartphone operating systems. Some popular operating systems are Android, Symbian, iOS, and Windows. However, the most common competitors are Android and iOS. 

So, let’s understand the Android and iOS smartphone operating system. We compare OS features and user interfaces and help you decide on one for your smartphone.

What Are The Features Of  Android

Let us discuss some of the features of the Android operating system. 

Near Field Communications

One of the features of the Android operating system is near-field communication. It possesses a range that elevates the intelligence of tablets or smartphones. With NFC, you can send your data quickly.

Multi Tasking 

Another core feature of the Android smartphones is the multitasking. With the help of it,  the users can manage several applications side by side. These advanced edge-cutting features have made switching the different tasks easier. 


These devices provide a range of connectivity possibilities. Wifi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, GSM, CDMA. It also provides The VPN, NFC, VOLTE, and a host of other options. Android ensures that the customers have access to the up-to-date network. It supports the 5G network. 

Ability To Customize

With the android, you have a range of customization choices. It enables the user to personalize their device completely. Moreover, the users can use the widgets. It helps them display the necessary elements on their home screen. Finally, it reduces the time the user spends on unfolding the applications.

What Are The Features Of iOS?

Operating systems play an important role in the development of an application-based ecosystem. One of the most crucial ones is the iOS operating system. The end users can access everything from their devices, be it gaming apps or traditional applications.  Let us understand the core features of this very operating system. 


The developers of the iPhone application development offered flexible components that are easy to use. This user-friendliness of the applications has resulted in increasing popularity. 

Adjusting To Diverse Screen Size

Today, the iPhone has a bigger screen to cater to people’s demands. The makers of the applications have enabled applications compatible with the big screens. It is one feature that separates the iPhone’s class from the rest. 

High Resolution And Higher Pixels

The iOS application offers a much higher resolution and pixel to enhance the buyers’ experience. The developers use different color combinations in their applications. While making the applications, they emphasized the high pixels, which are suitable for the needs of the time. This is where the OS has been highly successful. 

Completion Of Tasks Is Much Easier Now

The company that engaged itself in the iOS app development ensured easy accessibility, which is one of the key features. Consumption of time in accessing the application frustrated the users. Hence, this ease has undoubtedly been a great asset to developers and common users alike.  It’s, therefore, a learning experience for the other developers, without any doubt.

Strengthening Security Concerns 

One of the major areas where Apple iOS developers have been successful is security. Security, no need to mention, is one of the biggest concerns in the development of operating systems. The makers of the applications have been highly successful in strengthening the operating system. The users will have to check security levels before downloading the application. In that way, it has been a real benefit to the users.  

Mobile Operating System 

» Android

Android is a Linux-based operating system introduced by Google. They are developed using Java language. Generally, Android smartphones like OnePlus and Redmi run applications similar to a desktop.

» Advantages Of Android OS

  1. Android OS allows you to download many applications from the Play Store easily.
  2. Android OS is user-friendly, and you can alter the functions based on your needs.
  3. It works on almost all phones. For example, smartphones like Oneplus and Samsung are preloaded with Android.
  4. It has a customizable user interface.
  5. It supports ROM storage (Read-only memory) and cloud storage.
  6. Android OS runs fast and is simple to move from one application to another.
  7. It gives regular updates for better performance. 
  8. It gives better battery life than iOS.



iOS is the operating system developed by Apple for their iPhone devices. It uses languages like Swift, C, C++, and Objective-C. iOS is known for its excellent security features compared to other OS.

» Advantages Of IOS

  1. It is one of the most secure OS available in the market. For example, iPhones running iOS restricts spammy websites and apps for virus protection.
  2. All the applications in the app store are checked with developers to be bug-free.
  3. Less heating issues while using applications.
  4. iOS is suitable for business people.
  5. No bug errors while running apps and using the website
  6. iOS provides a real gaming experience 
  7. Easy app downloading feature from the App Store.

Final Decision: Android Or IOS

The choice between Android and iOS depends on various factors. 

If you want to experience the ultimate smartphone experience, opt for Android OS. If you prefer smartphones like OnePlus, it comes with Android OS. Android OS is cheap with multiple functionalities. Also, it is efficient in running applications in the background without interruption. Furthermore, you can store all your data in an SD card or other external devices. You can also use all Google services (Gmail, chrome).

If you prefer security over user-friendliness, iOS is the best choice. Though it is pricey, it helps you stay away from hackers. It is a special OS only for Apple iPhone devices. Though external storage is not supported, iCloud helps with data storage. iOS has the best customer support, and it is worth the money.

Choosing a smartphone is always confusing when considering the OS. Android is versatile and common among people. iOS is special and popular among people who want advanced and best features.

Android is open-source, whereas iOS is limited to both users and developers. Weighting the advantages, Android is for user-friendliness, and iOS is for first-grade performance.

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