Growing More Than Just Crops: Discovering the Best States for Farming and Ranching

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Best States for Farming and Ranching

Have you ever considered starting your farm or ranch? It’s not as simple as buying land and sowing seeds. The choice of location can significantly impact farm income, crop yields, and the overall success of the venture. Here are the best states for farming and ranching to help you kickstart your agricultural dream.

The importance of agriculture in the United States

You might be surprised to learn just how significant agriculture is to the U.S. economy despite the fact that only about 2% of Americans now live on family-owned farms or ranches. Yes, new farmers are relatively few, but their role is beyond vital.

Across the best states for farming and ranching, the industry contributes billions to the economy. For example, consider Montana, Kansas, Texas, North Dakota, and South Dakota, where agriculture is a way of life. When you start a farm or ranch there, you’re not just cultivating crops or livestock. You’re growing the state’s economy, too.

Top-ranked states for farming

When considering the best state for where to start your farming venture, three states stand out for their exceptional conditions: Texas, Kansas, and Montana. Each state boasts unique attributes that make it ideal for farming, from fertile soils to favorable climates and supportive agricultural communities.


Consider Texas, one of the top-ranked states for farming, where vast lands and a favorable climate create an ideal environment for various agricultural endeavors.

Listings in Texas boast cheap land, making it an affordable option for new farmers. The existing farm communities provide a supportive network for newcomers, offering invaluable insight and advice about green acres’ life. To learn more about the available land in Texas, you may want to check out websites like Texas Acres.

Competitive pricing of farm products ensures a good return on investment. The state’s favorable climate conditions permit various crops and livestock, making it a versatile choice.

Named consistently as one of the best states to start a farm, Texas offers a combination of affordability, community support, profitability, and environmental suitability. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a greenhorn, Texas provides the perfect backdrop for your farming ambitions.


Just as Texas is highly ranked for farming, Kansas is another top contender, boasting nearly 46 million acres of farmland that could be your next profitable investment. The Kansas agriculture industry is vast and diverse, offering many opportunities for those looking to start a new farm.

With rural residents and an average farm size of about 770 acres, it provides ample space for various agricultural pursuits.

Moreover, Kansas is renowned for its fertile land, ideal for growing various crops. The state’s favorable climate and rich soil make it a hot spot for agriculture, ensuring a great yield year after year. Coupled with a robust support system for farmers, Kansas is a top choice for anyone venturing into farming.


For aspiring farmers, Montana offers a blend of vast rural areas, cheap land, and a culture of agriculture.

The state has a rich ranching heritage and is known for producing organically certified wheat, flax, dry peas, lentils, and honey. Montana’s economy heavily relies on agriculture, making it an ideal place to start a farm or ranch business.

With an average farm size of 2,156 acres, there’s plenty of room for growth. Additionally, it’s a top beef supplier in less than a quarter of the country.

A state’s best attributes for farming and ranching

While thinking about starting your farm or ranch, it’s essential to understand the factors that make a state ideal for such endeavors.

Highly developed infrastructure

A highly developed infrastructure is necessary, providing critical services like transportation, water, and energy.

Supportive communities

Existing farm communities play a crucial role in helping new farmers navigate the complexities of agriculture. The number of farms suggests a supportive community and an established market.

Fertile land and crop yields

You’ll also need fertile soil to ensure optimal crop yield and a suitable climate that matches your farming or ranching plans.

Favorable climate conditions

A suitable climate is essential for successful farming and ranching.

Affordable land

Access to cheap land is a significant advantage for farmers and ranchers.

Challenges in farming and ranching

Despite the potential benefits, you’ll face certain challenges in farming and ranching, no matter which state you choose. As a small farmer, you’re competing with existing farmers who’ve established operations, deep local knowledge, and long-standing customer relationships.

You’re also up against a crowded corporate field with larger farms that have economies of scale. These challenges in farming and ranching can make it hard to get your foot in the door.

Even in the best states to start a farm or ranch, you must navigate complex regulations, volatile commodity prices, and unpredictable weather patterns. But don’t be daunted. With careful planning, a strong work ethic, and some luck, you can still carve out your slice of the American agricultural dream.

Economic viability

Understanding the economic viability of starting a farm or ranch is crucial to success. Factors such as the largest average farm sizes, community-supported agriculture, and the demand for locally grown produce can significantly influence economic viability.

States like Montana, with their large farm sizes, offer greater potential for profitability. Community-supported agriculture, a model where consumers directly buy shares of a farm’s harvest, can provide a stable income source. The increasing demand for locally grown produce also presents opportunities for profitability.

However, consider the costs associated with infrastructure, a factor often overlooked. Reports from TRIP, a national transportation research nonprofit, highlight the importance of accessible and efficient transport for farm produce.

Last words

Finding the ideal location for your farm or ranch is crucial for success. In the right state, you’re not just starting a farm. You’re shaping America’s future. Remember, amidst the challenges, there’s a sweet spot waiting for you where fertile soil and fair land costs meet. Saddle up, dust off that cowboy hat, and let the rich earth of your dream state guide you on your American agrarian adventure.

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