Bleach Myths Busted

Beautyby Ariana Smith16 November 2018

Bleach Myths Busted

To get rid of facial hair, one often tends to rely on extreme methods. From applying wax on the face to going through the torture of threading to applying any bleach crème one can lay their hands on. But that is not the correct way to treat your skin. The reason many women end up with rashes and red spots on the face post bleach is because either they are not aware of the correct method of applying it or the fact that each skin type needs a different kind of bleach.

To help you choose the right kind of bleach and in the process bust some bleach related myths, read the below-given beauty tips for skin:

1. Bleaching Is Unsafe:

Bleaching Is Unsafe


Unlike what many women believe, dermatologists say that it is completely safe to use bleach for facial hair as well as other parts of the body. But it is very important to first read the instructions thoroughly so that you don’t make mistakes while applying the bleach. Bleaches usually contain sodium hypochlorite that may cause chemical reactions like breakout or rashes. So, before applying the cream, one must always do a patch test on the arms and see if there is any allergic reaction or not. Also one must make sure to not expose oneself to sunlight after using the bleach as the rays may cause skin irritating or even pigmentation.

2. Bleaching Makes Facial Hair Grow Long:

Facial Hair Grow Long

It is a widely believed myth that constant use of face bleach can cause the facial hair to grow long. Skin experts believe this to be untrue as hair growth happens only at the root level, under the skin and application of bleach cream can have no effect on hair growth. On the contrary, facial hair growth is a result of hormonal changes or some other kinds of hormonal imbalance in the body and bleach creams have nothing to do with it.

3. Patch Test Is Optional:

Patch Test Is Optional

This perhaps is the biggest myth related to the application of bleach cream. Since there are different kinds of bleaches available in the market it is important to know that each one of them contains some form of the chemical. Since it would be impossible to know which chemical your body is allergic to patch test comes in handy.  A patch test will help you determine which bleach will work best on your skin and avoid any incidents of patchy or irritated skin. You can perform a patch test on your arm before applying the cream to your skin.

4. All Bleaches Are The Same:

Bleaches Are The Same

It is a widely believed myth that all bleach creams have the same components. The fact is all bleach creams have different components and are graded according to the color of the skin. So next time before picking out bleach cream for your face, take into consideration your skin type and colour for best results.

 5.  Bleach Effect Is Permanent:

Effect Is Permanent

Contrary to the belief that the bleach effect is permanent, you should know that the effect of bleach lasts for20-25 days. Many beauty and skin experts believe that after applying bleach, one should always use home-based ingredients on the skin to lessen the effect of chemicals in the cream. That would neutralize the harmful effects and one can achieve soft, smooth and glowing skin in no time.

While there are many types of bleach available in the market, we recommend you to opt for natural or herbal bleach. Reason: they are less harmful and chances of them having any adverse effect on your skin are less. An herbal bleach cream like Fem De-Tan Bleach Crème is enriched with natural extracts of orange peel and gives glowing and fair skin in just 15 minutes. Its regular use will help answer the question of how to get rid of tan effectively as well as give you radiant and healthy complexion.

Fem De-Tan Bleach Crème

As part of beauty tips for glowing skin, we also suggest you to try natural ingredients like saffron, tomato juice, potato juice, curd & yogurt and turmeric on the face.  All these ingredients are revered for their natural bleaching properties and will aid in giving you lighter and brighter looking skin over a period.

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