Beauty Product Trends: The Boom in CBD Beauty Products

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Beauty Product Trends

CBD is a hot topic for many. Some swear by it and say they use it for pain and even cancer.

Where does CBD fit into beauty product trends? In this article, explore all about CBD, the availability of CBD Products through rapidly expanding online marketing, and why it’s becoming popular in different beauty products. Read on to explore more about this product and decide whether these beauty products filled with CBD are right for you or not.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD can also be from hemp which has only a very small amount of THC.

When people experience the high from marijuana, it’s from THC. You don’t have to worry about that with CBD.

How It Works

CBD has an effect on your brain. It prevents the breakdown of chemicals in your brain that cause mental changes, mood, and pain. Many claim that it helps them with pain and anxiety as well.

What CBD Is Put Into Beauty Products?

The 3 forms of CBD that are put into beauty products are the isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. THC is taken out of isolate and broad-spectrum forms. This also means that the supposed beneficial cannabinoids are also removed from it as well.

Beauty Categories

You can find out more about the different beauty and wellness products that CBD is now in. You can find it in supplements, beverages, and beauty products. Some brands are starting to come out that are completely CBD beauty brands.

Spas and Salons

Many salons and spas are offering CBD products as well. You can find different ultra-relaxing body massages and calming facials available. Some are using it to calm redness from microblading and waxing.

CBD Beauty Products and Their Benefits

Some beauty brands claim that CBD is beneficial because you can find fatty and amino acids, plus vitamins. Omega 3 is a type of fatty acid you can find. It helps you have healthy and strong hair.

You can find the vitamins E, C, and A. These vitamins are antioxidants. Amino acids are important too and are great for maintaining your hair color.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes give cannabis its stinky smell but are essential oils. Some believe that cannabis and terpenes work together to enhance medicinal effects. This means it can help make the benefits of CBD more effective.

The different ways CBD is extracted include isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. Isolate is when there are no flavonoids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids.

Broad-spectrum means CBD extracts that contain flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. You don’t have to worry about THC with this option.

Full-spectrum is where the CBD contains all the compounds found in the cannabis plant. This includes cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. They can contain a small amount of THC.

How To Choose CBD Products

The CBD beauty boom might have you wondering how to pick out the right products for you. First, you’ll want to do plenty of research and read the labels before buying them.


Find out the quality of the products. Look for products that have COA. This means that the product has been looked at a lab that’s not affiliated with the manufacturer.

They also take a look and ensure that any claims the product makes are accurate. The labs will also take a look at the product to ensure that there are no heavy metals, pesticides, or molds.


You’ll also want to determine your budget, and decide on what price point you’re comfortable in spending. Look for products within your budget, and avoid anything that’s either too expensive or too inexpensive.


Check the ingredients and see what CBD products they claim whether it’s hempseed oil or not. You can also figure out the potency as well.

The potency is the concentration of CBD in the product. When a product is more potent, that means it has a higher level of CBD.

Potential Side Effects

While it’s believed that CBD is safe and has a lower chance of side effects, you’ll want to ensure it’s right for you. Stop use immediately if you notice any side effects.

Some CBD side effects are:

  • Weight changes
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes

Speak with your doctor before taking CBD, and ensure it won’t interact with any medications you’re currently taking or any medical conditions.

How To Use CBD Products

Many CBD products are used in the same way as regular non-CBD products. Since CBD isn’t absorbed as quickly through the skin, you don’t have to worry as much about taking too high of a dose.

Before you begin any products, read the label, and follow the instructions. For example, you might need to avoid applying it to broken skin.

Different Beauty Products

Whether you’re looking for an eye serum, lip balm, or body lotion, you can find a CBD product for that. Make sure that you check the reviews before buying a product.

How To Apply Skincare Products?

When you apply different skincare products, it’s important to place them in the right order. First, start off with a cleanser.

Cleansers make sure to remove any makeup, dirt, or oil leftover. Next, use essence or toner. After this, choose your favorite serum.

Moisturizers are important, and consider one with SPF in it as well. Face oils are the last step of the process.

CBD Beauty Product Trends

Now that you’ve explored all about CBD beauty product trends, it’s clear to see why they’re so popular today! Would you like to read more health content? For everything from health to beauty, check out our other articles today.

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