Do You Ask Yourself, “Do I have pretty privilege?” 

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Do I have pretty privilege

What is a pretty privilege treatment? Do you have pretty privilege? Do I have pretty privilege? Do you know anything about societal beauty standards? It is important to recognize and understand pretty privilege treatment.   

Research shows that physically attractive people consistently receive preferential treatment in their physical and professional lives. How can you define privilege?    

According to Glamour Magazine, pretty privilege refers to society’s beauty ideals. When a person is thin, white, young and cis-gendered, they are considered the epitome of beauty or pretty.   

How can we understand the importance of privilege? Here, we will discuss it in detail so that you can have a better idea about recognizing instances of privilege. Society is fixed on appearance, which is then used to establish a hierarchy!    

Read the article to learn about the concept’s benefits and limitations. Let’s discuss how damaging it is for both men and women in society. You will learn how certain stereotypes are used to demean and judge them.   

Do You Ask Yourself, “Do I Have Pretty Privilege?”

When you ask such a question, it is not just a question but a social awareness about biased treatment and missed opportunities. How can some be beneficial while it can severely impact those who might not conform to societal norms? In this article, I will share the benefits of having pretty privileges and challenges you can address. This helps you in society’s long-term survival and sustainability, especially when you constantly face judgments.   

With the social norms and standardization of society, several characteristics are considered important. It would be best to meet them, or you will be judged and even treated with biased behavior and treatment. 

At every step of the way, you will face challenges in the form of people, opportunities in the personal and professional world, and achieving success. Read along to learn more about your strategies to address privilege.   

Benefits of Pretty Privilege

If you have ever experienced biased treatment because you are pretty, you would know that you can access better life opportunities. If you conform to society of being pretty, such as being thin or white, you will realize you are getting positive treatment from others.   

Your self-confidence is boosted when someone treats you with a smile or a free pass because you are beautiful. According to research shared by Bond University in Sweden, attractive students in higher education were graded more when the instructions and teacher-student interaction were in person.   

When the same classes were shifted to an online medium, the grades significantly dropped as there was no face-to-face interaction. Of course, teachers are human, and based on cultural norms, they expect better behavior and developed thought among attractive individuals!   

There are significant benefits of pretty privilege because, in the professional world, you are considered more capable if you are attractive. In professions such as flight crew members, looks are a significant part of the recruitment process. Of course, it does not mean that a prettier flight crew is also kind!  

They might be very shy or rude, but as they conform to social norms of beauty, they are recruited!  

Challenges and Pitfalls of Pretty Privilege

Of course, receiving privileged treatment can be challenging because you are likely to get into superficial relationships. Sometimes, you might also face fake friendships or care from people who find you attractive.   

There is also a concern regarding the constant pressure to maintain the appearance which goes with societal standards. The moment you feel that someone is not giving you enough attention, you try to look more attractive with the help of makeup and accessorize your dress sense and personality.   

If someone is pretty, you automatically think they are smart and kind. This is called the Halo effect, in which an attractive person is considered honest, kind, and intelligent, even though that might not be true.

Similarly, if you are good-looking, your good deeds or more intellectual qualities and skills might be overlooked due to the privileged treatment.   

The first step towards addressing privileged treatment is acknowledging and understanding your own! If you recognize how you have received treatment because you dressed a certain way or did your makeup a certain way, you are aware of pretty privileged opportunities and advantages.

When I realize that you are aware of pretty privilege, I will ensure that you fulfill your responsibility of making others aware of pretty privilege and educating others. Why am I saying making people aware of pretty privileges is important?

Many people need to realize that they implement such tactics. Do you know why? We all are hard-wired to do so from a young age. If you have experienced it or have seen it with others, you must make them aware of it. This will help address the pitfalls of the treatment in the long term.

When we are talking about beauty privileges, we must also discuss diversity and inclusivity. When it comes to beauty standards, we must make everyone feel inclusive and make them aware of the different types of beauty.

Our responsibility as a part of society is to bring changes for the better! So, let us take the baton to ensure that privilege as a practice remains active and that one can have a long-lasting negative effect.   

Internal Resistance to Addressing Pretty Privilege

It is common to see someone awkward or uncomfortable when addressing privileged treatment. Do you know why? It is a default setting that when you see a thin or white person, you automatically think they eat less and offer them food.

When you confront a person about this behavior of theirs, you may perceive it as a privilege that they will be uncomfortable addressing. Can you encourage open dialogue and self-reflection? Sometimes, we judge a man or a woman subconsciously; hence, it is our responsibility to create a culture of acceptance.

Inclusion and diversity should be a part of the culture, and different types of beauty standards should be encouraged and appreciated. Society should give opportunities to all, irrespective of looks; instead, their qualification, skills, and capacity matter.

Strategies to Address Pretty Privilege

So, what are the strategies to address the treatment of people who are pretty or those who align with the social norms of beauty, looks, and representation? The first step is to integrate self-acceptance. If you are receiving such treatment in your workplace or personal life, you should be aware of it.   

If you feel that others are suffering because you are receiving opportunities, then you must raise the concern. Along with raising awareness, you have another responsibility. You must promote body positivity to raise further awareness among the people!

In this digitalized world, media representation is everything. The media represent the body in terms of beauty standards by integrating unhealthy lifestyles and practices. If you have a thinner body frame, fair skin color, and blonde or blue eyes, you are an object of fantasy or special treatment. At times, you can also address it as the epitome of beauty in our society.   

We must bring change in this perspective, as we should encourage diversity in media as a part of the social setting. In promotional activities, marketing videos, and advertisements, we must show all body types, skin colors, ethnicities, and styles. You know, it is not in our hands to look a certain way when it comes to the color of our eyes, shape, height, skin tone, and color!   

Of course, you can change your hair color, lose weight, and stay fit. However, all these are different ways of trying to fit in with the mold or the norms of society. Furthermore, uplifting individuals with diverse looks is the ultimate strategy to change their perspective of appearance and support them.   

Finishing Off…  

To sum up, when I ask, do I have the privilege of recognizing and addressing the influence and impact of such an experience? It is important to understand that receiving attention might seem like a good idea, but it might affect your performance or credibility in the long term.   

Do I have pretty privilege? To answer this question, I have written this article for you. If you read it, you realize I have highlighted beneficial and challenging concerns. The approach is to upgrade society into a place that entertains more inclusivity and diversity.

Comment on how privilege treatment impacts a person’s capability and the opportunities available to them. Our responsibility is to make the society around us aware of its existence! 

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