Here are Some Types of Privilege You Can Actually Have!

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Types of Privilege

Do you know what privilege is? Well, of course, we humans have several in our lives! However, at times, we get access to and earn privileges. In most cases, privileges come with a certain position, hard work, discipline, and involvement in a certain aspect of life!

Likewise, the privileges you receive because you represent a specific group or belong to a group with the upper hand in society differ. It can be based on the following elements:

Race, gender, socio-economic status, education, level, religion, sexuality, ability, status, age, etc. Why don’t we discuss this and develop a sense of what we receive and how much we should take? These aspects encourage privileges namely gender privilege, social privilege, or white privilege!

Do you realize that one of the reasons you get to read this blog is a privilege? If you are still a student and you have access to a smartphone or a laptop, you are privileged, considering your parents are providing for your education!

Are there youths who might be working in a food joint or cleaning a table in a restaurant to earn money for their tuition fees?

Definition of Privilege

So, what is a privilege? At times, you are granted advantages or access that have been given to you because of your social identity. Privilege can be influenced by anything, including gender, social and economic status, education, level, and race.

Therefore, it is important for us to understand why we need to identify privileges harming our society. Some people in society face challenges due to privileges given to a certain group of people. At times, you might ask yourself, do I have pretty privilege?

In this blog, I will discuss the different levels of privileges and why advantages are given to specific people while a group of minorities is marginalized or highlighted against them. If you’re wondering why we need to do this, I would say it is our social responsibility as human beings to integrate balance, equality, inclusivity, and diversity in our society.

Levels of Privilege

There are also levels of privileges, mostly at three levels: institutional, interpersonal, and personal! Let us explore these levels to understand and identify whether you receive any of these privileges.

Why do we need to identify the levels of privileges? Apart from learning the significance of privileges on different levels, it is also important to know that these groups hold a psychological advantage over marginalized groups.

Furthermore, you realize that you might be one of those in the privileged group and question your contribution to society.

Examples of Privilege

So, what is a privilege, according to me? White privilege, for me, is something where you get your makeup products to match your skin tone much more easily. For example, you will get a matching foundation much faster than a tawny skin tone if you have an ivory skin tone.

At times, employees expect holidays that reflect their religious sentiments. For example, the Christmas holiday! It would be a lie if you said you did not expect your kid’s school to be closed for Christmas! Isn’t this a religious privilege? Other people in the school might not celebrate Christmas.

Many of us regularly make plans to travel or visit each other! At times, we do not even ask about accessibility because most of us are able-bodied. However, what happens to that friend who has a difficult walking gait or suffers from visibility issues?

Don’t you think this is an able-bodied privilege? On a general scale, most of the services are for able-bodied people in any public place. You will probably find one toilet for the handicapped or one lift in the train station!

Leveraging Privilege

Now, why do we need to acknowledge privilege? If You Are a person who is not receiving a privilege, of course, it is the primary thing that will come to your mind. Raising your voice against the practices of privilege and the group of people who are receiving it and think that they deserve it!

However, if you receive the privilege without contributing anything to the overall development and growth of society, you need to acknowledge it! Do you know why? The moment you recognize privilege, you confront discrimination. You highlight the bias based on which you Are a step ahead of the discriminated group.

I know it is very brief to do, but having brief conversations leads to growth, and society moves toward the greater good. Our ethical and social responsibility is to advocate for those without privilege. During these times, if a man raises his voice, it is heard, maybe this is male privilege! So, what is male privilege?

Probably every decision-making, or authoritative aspect is expected from men! So even when a man shouts, it is expected to be right! Even though it is not right, men can use the male privilege to bring positive change!

Don’t just be a bystander; learn intervention techniques and use them. It is not just about raising your voice but bringing change. It is very easy to identify the problems of society! But what is difficult? Doing something about it, knowing that it might affect your propaganda negatively.

Types of Privilege

Let me name some privileges that will help you understand the concept of preference and biased advantages. It will ensure that you have a better understanding of how society works and how you can take strategic steps to bring positive change in all of this.

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Socio-economic Status
  • Ability Status
  • Sexuality
  • Age
  • Education Level

Importance of Addressing Privilege

The identified types of privilege might have diverse impacts on society and our actions. Hence, what is the importance of addressing problems? What can we do once we address privilege? Privilege is interconnected with the hierarchies in society.

It also has a lot to do with how the power dynamic works. So, once you know how certain privileges in society can be gained, you also learn backdoor manipulation required from your side. This overall proves that the functioning of society is indirectly in our hands.

Human beings are an integral part of the societal system and how it functions. Therefore, understanding privileges and addressing them is crucial for integrating equality in society. You also become a part of the overall social justice system in society.

Not only that, but you also inspire others to understand how privileges are interrelated with their actions. It contributes to their understanding and yours to create a community working towards better. Societal goals! Overall, it is not just about people who have privilege.

Ways to Address Privilege

Now, we have come to how we can address privilege to create an open-minded environment to discuss how a certain group of people has been taken advantage of. Not just that, it also contributes to identifying the systems in society that need changing.

The first step is to reflect on personal privileges and areas where there is a lack of privilege! This will help you identify which privileges are justified and which are not! Along with addressing privilege, it is also important for you to understand the environment that you are in. You cannot bring change to society alone!

Therefore, starting conversations with family and friends about privilege is significantly important. There’s nothing to be worried about; they will either support you or go against you. But at least you will have an idea about the environment you are in.

This is another way of identifying the shortcomings in our society and our surroundings. Another way that I feel is important is to continuously learn about the types of privilege and their impact on society. Having questions about privilege helps you explore opportunities!

It also contributes to highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, you can use them to bring about positive changes regarding biased activities toward minority groups in society. Further education on these aspects will contribute to your overall growth and future vision.


In short, learning about the types of privilege encourages you to evaluate and identify the needs of the people. You explore not only society but also your personal aspirations and strategies. They help you understand yourself better, and the changes you feel are unnecessary in the environment.

Let’s not forget that we make then why are you meant and society? Therefore, we can bring change to growth and development.

Comment on what type of privilege you have experienced and how it made you feel.

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