5 Active Ingredients Must Be Present In A Skincare Products

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Skincare Products

Every day you get off your bed, get ready for the day and prepare yourself for it. You use different skincare products as a part of your makeover to make you look fresh. The creams, lotions, or moisturizing serums you put on your face contribute to maintaining your skin’s health.

These skin care products contain different kinds of ingredients packed together to form a single formulation. Although some ingredients are fundamental ingredients that are a must-have to prepare a good quality skin cream/ lotion.

If you’re buying a new product, here are the top 5 active ingredients that must be present in all skincare products.

1. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Ranking top on our list is hyaluronic acid which has become much more popular among people now than before. Because of its excessive demands and visible positive results, almost every skin cream and moisturizer now contains a good amount of hyaluronic acid in it.

No wonder why hyaluronic acid has become the top-selling ingredient on the supplier’s list everywhere. And it’s not going to go down anytime soon.

Hyaluronic acid is best known for keeping your skin well-hydrated even in the worst drought season. It consists of an intense level of moisture content that keeps your skin healthy for longer periods. Thus, hyaluronic acid acts as a hydration powerhouse of skincare products. It helps plump your skin with a soothing moisture that makes you look youthful.

2. Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a well-known ingredient used in all types of shampoos and facial cleansers. Meant to fight the dry dead skin and dandruff, salicylic acid acts as an effective cleaning agent.

It is mostly present in skincare products that are applied topically over the skin to provide a karyolytic action. Salicylic acid also has antiseptic properties against microbes. This helps to prevent your skin from getting dry and fight bacterial or fungal infections.

3. Retinol

Next on the list is the good old retinol which is a useful vitamin A derivative. Retinol has been a major ingredient used in all types of skincare products forever. The main reason why retinol is preferred to be included in most skincare formulations is its anti-aging properties. Yes, retinol can make you look younger.

Now, who wouldn’t want that? What retinol does is that it helps you fight those visible signs of aging and maintain your skin’s youthfulness. Retinol can smooth your skin over and keep those deep aging wrinkles at bay. Plus, it is also seen to improve your skin texture and bring a glow to your complexion.

4. Vitamin-C Ester

Vitamin-C Ester

Next on our list is the ester form of Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). The conjugated compound form of Vitamin C ester is very important for your aging skin. It makes up the ingredients list of almost all skincare products due to its nutritional potential.

Vitamin C ester is an effective anti-aging agent. The antioxidants present in the ascorbic acid acts to break down the toxic chemicals and free radicals in your tissues. Thus, the compound preserves the cell’s vital functions while keeping it healthy and young.

5. Alpha Lipoic Acid

The last one is Alpha-lipoic acid, the most powerful ingredient with strong antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory activity. It is popularly known as “the universal antioxidant”. It can get absorbed into the lipid bilayers of human skin and fights the toxic free radicals. It also helps to maintain the watery balance of the living cells.


It’s no surprise that each skincare product you use has a different formula that consists of a different set of ingredients. The above-mentioned 5 ingredients are more commonly used in a majority of skin products.

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