5 Must-Have Ingredients to Use in Acne Treatment for Teens!

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Acne Treatment

Teenage years were a nightmare for a lot of people. It’s a phase in life that sees us go through so many changes inwardly and outwardly in our environment and how we relate to friends and family.

To top it all off, many teenagers deal with facial acne at a time in their lives where they’re becoming more self-aware of their image.

Acne has proven to be a huge factor affecting the psychological balance of teenagers. It can drive them into depression, social anxiety, and even isolation from their support system.

This article is a detailed breakdown of some of the reasons why teenagers suffer from acne, including five must-have ingredients present ineffective acne treatments by Kidskin products.

Common Causes of Acne

Common Causes of Acne

Acne is a common condition faced by a lot of teenagers as well as adults worldwide. It is an inflammatory skin condition that presents itself in different forms. It can appear as pimples, blackheads, or cysts across the face.

Some common causes of acne include:

  • Genetics: Teenagers with a family history of acne are prone to developing acne. This is not to say that because it is hereditary, it cannot be treated.
  • Hormones: Hormonal imbalance during puberty is another reason why teenagers develop acne. Once serum builds up, it can lead to the different acne versions mentioned earlier in this column.
  • Foods and beverages consumed: You are what you eat is not a phrase that should be taken lightly. Teenagers who eat greasy foods and drinks high in sugar are highly likely to develop acne. This can be avoided by observing a healthy, balanced diet.

Natural Ingredients That Can Help Control Acne

Natural Ingredients That Can Help Control Acne

Finding the most effective product can be quite confusing with so many acne-control products in the market. To make the process a lot easier, here’s a list of ingredients you need to look out for to find an ideal acne treatment for teens.

1. Green Tea

If you’re thinking, ‘Isn’t green tea what people drink?’, you’re absolutely correct. However, green tea is not just for oral consumption. It can also be used as a skincare ingredient for skin protection because it is heavily rich in antioxidants that help protect the skin against damage and inflammation.

2. Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is composed of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial products that play a huge role in clearing your pores of bacteria that result in breakouts and inflammation. It also helps prevent keratin, a protein that clogs the pores from building up.

3. Prebiotics

Prebiotics help strengthens our skin’s natural moisture barrier to prevent skin breakouts, sensitivity, or irritation.

4. Witch Hazel

Best for teenagers with oily acne-prone skin, Witch Hazel is an essential ingredient in the regulation of acne in that it helps reduce inflammation and skin irritation. This ingredient has components called tannins that help reduce the growth of bacteria on the skin.

5. Willow Bark

For many years, Willow Bark has been used as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compound that helps clear pores and reduce skin irritation.

Winding It Up

As a teenager suffering from acne, you can moderate acne by using a facial moisturizer and facial skin cleansers that are gentle to the face. Taking quick action as soon as you notice pimples developing on your face by looking for treatments from https://kidskin.com/ can also go a long way. It will be much easier than dealing with a full breakout later on.

With the proper treatment, acne can be easily controlled and healed. It is all about patience and following a routine.

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