Are We Still Living in a Patriarchal World? 

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Gender privilege 

Do you have any idea regarding gender privilege? Let me define gender privilege, which will give you a clear idea of the practices. Often, we get distracted with the concept and practices of gender discrimination, where women are mostly the victims! However, this is not the case.

At times, even men face challenges when it comes to opportunities in the workplace. For example, if a woman has made a mistake in her work, she might get fewer scoldings than men who might commit an error. What is the importance of gender privilege towards gender discrimination?

It is important to be aware of gender privilege and discuss it! You ask why? Creating awareness regarding gender privilege is necessary so that the intentional practices can also be stopped. Often, on a social level, men are considered a default option regarding leadership roles and decision-making.

The concept and practice of gender privilege ensure that there is an underrepresentation of women. However, based on the social dialogue and discussion of this underrepresentation, the quota for women leads to discrimination against men. Do you understand contradictory practices and beliefs? 

Are We Still Living in a Patriarchal World?

In the patriarchal world that we live in, both men and women are victims of oppression. Even though women’s oppression and objectification have been dealt with by people from a broader perspective. With time, people have worked hard to liberate women while struggling to bring equality.

Let us discuss including both men and women regarding workplace and life opportunities! We should not get distracted by gender discrimination against women because both men and women miss opportunities.

Read more about the clear pay gap among men and women working in the same professional position. Of course, there will be several male privileges, but there is also concern that women receive some preferences because of how their gender is treated.

So, yes, there is still a patriarchal world, but what we need to remember is how women might also manipulate situations in their favor. I will address the term “toxic masculinity”, which also plays a significant role in how ideologies related to gender harm the growth of society.

Manifestation of Gender Privilege

The first aspect of gender privilege is the gender pay gap, where men and women have different pay scales for the same roles and responsibilities. Let us discuss the gap with statistics where, according to Forbes, in 2024, women receive 16% less than men on average. As men earned one dollar, women earn 84 cents!

Isn’t that something? The controlled gender pay gap is real, especially in industries such as education, job levels, experience, and qualifications. These factors are not considered even if the women are faring better than men.

There is always the question of whether women can do it after managing their families! Unfortunately, this inconvenience is never considered for men; instead, they are considered the default option for most job titles in leadership roles. This is because men are considered more suitable for prioritizing work than their families!

In the C-suite and board-level management, women need more representation! In the corporate world, there is a persistent gender bias in high-responsibility and leadership roles. More mentorship is also required, especially because women are not promoted to senior roles. There is hardly any women’s club culture!

Leadership Roles and Breaking the Glass Ceiling!

I want to discuss how women are paid less than men when manifesting wishes and opportunities. Even before you say, oh no, not again? My question is, why are we done talking about women in leadership? Global Leadership Forecast 2023 shows companies have been stepping back from the DEI roles and commitments!

This impacts the diversity in gender-balanced recruitment, thus negatively impacting women’s leadership roles. Society expects women to prioritize their family responsibilities over their professional requirements. There are no such expectations or doubts that men will prioritize their family responsibilities over work.

In senior leadership roles, several statistics define the overall growth faced by both men and women in terms of gender privilege. Women face prevention when accessing advancement in their professional roles, even when they have the same experience and qualifications as men.

According to Forbes’ research, organizations with women executives have a 30% higher probability of outperforming other companies. So, what is corporate culture? The behavior and beliefs in the corporate world determine how a company’s management interacts with employees.

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Representation of Leadership!

So, how do you think corporate culture deals with gender privilege? According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2022, there has been a steady increase in leadership and senior roles for women globally in the past five years, from 2017 to 2022. Gender parity has significantly increased; however, leadership positions have suffered during the pandemic.

Are you wondering about the impact of culture on gender privilege in organizations? Women receive employment opportunities in industries that deal with relationship-building, nurturing, and collaboration. It is due to society’s stereotypes of women in those specific roles. However, when it comes to leadership, it is not gender but character that defines that role!

Let me provide you with some examples of gender privilege in recruitment. This will give you a better idea of how privilege manifests and how it affects career advancement. Observing, listening, collaboration, learning, and teaching are integral to meeting and interacting with colleagues.

When interacting in physical space, women are much better at dealing with personal and professional crises and conflicts. According to the American Psychological Association, women in leadership positions show transformative leadership styles that integrate collaboration, motivation, and inspiration.

Challenges and Solutions

Several gender diversity programs exist, but most are ineffective. Why are these programs not working? According to Harvard Business Review, diversity programs could be more effective because most focus on controlling managers’ behavior.

Studies show that implementing diversity programs tends to activate bias instead of resolving it. Employees tend to rebel against rules and restrictions set by managers. A lack of mindset supporting gender equality contributes to more challenges! Do you wonder about the impact of gender promotion on companies and sectors?

For example, it is considered necessary for women to take leave, while men take it differently. Their incompetency is a factor that the institution’s management highlights. Therefore, if we can achieve gender equality in business industries, the world GDP will rise to 9% in the US, while in Europe, the GDP might achieve 13% growth, and in Japan, it is 16%!

When you exclude men, let me address some of the gender privileges that women experience in the workplace. Why is it important for women to feel the need for inclusion in the conversation? It is important for women to feel like they belong because several qualities of women are profitable for organizations.

Relationship Between Men and Women!

So, what is the relationship between female satisfaction and male dominance? When talking about the relationship, I must address that gender privilege is not just related to men but also to women. In the workplace, women sometimes receive privilege because of their gender.

It is an ageless truth that relationships are important, not just in personal life but also in professional lives. In real-time, men and women should not be judged based on their gender in terms of their professional competencies. According to the Pew Research Center (2021), male workers earn 19% more than women.  

So, what is important when it comes to organizational collaboration? Female satisfaction is an outcome of equality programs and addressing organizational shortcomings. When you examine global organizations, there has been significant backlash for not having women in executive and leadership positions.

Equality programs are not guaranteed to work; hence, their effectiveness is only possible when people become more aware. What is further important is how jobs are an example of male domination, along with how social culture influences recruitment.

I want to draw a comparison from the Behavioral Insights Team (2019) analysis. For certain positions and job roles, women receive treatment due to the influence of masculine culture. There is a gap that contributes to a negative relationship between the occupation level of male dominance and female satisfaction!

Finishing Off…

To sum it up, there are significant key points on gender privilege, which I have described in detail. After going through this article, I am sure you agree with the gender privilege practices that persist in our world, influencing both personal and professional life. As a female, there have been times when I have experienced gender privilege.

The workplace is where gender privilege is most prevalent. You will develop a learning from this article, but what did you deduce from it? Is there a gap between male and female treatment, along with the way discrimination plays a part in gender privilege?

Please comment on your thoughts about gender privilege and how to reduce it!

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