Parimatch Foundation – What Do You Need To Know About The Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid Organization

Societyby Sumona24 May 2022

Parimatch Foundation

Parimatch Foundation is an organization that was launched in 2019 and till now actively helping children across the country with physical health improvement and talent realization.

The humanitarian aid mission is to make disabled children’s lives better and offer them some new opportunities for a better future. For all the period work period the charitable foundation for children Parimatch Foundation become one of the biggest in the whole country and the whole number of the children who received help is 1500.

And that is only the start because now the organization working on the new projects so really soon we will see some even more impressive results.

With the partners, this foundation was able to implement a few comprehensive sports programs for children with different levels of physical fitness and abilities.

The Parimatch Foundation programs and some special opportunities to help Ukrainians

Happy girl with down syndrome posing while drawing Free Photo

For sure this humanitarian aid organization is not the only one in Ukraine but sure it’s one of the most reliable and popular.

Only in a few years Parimatch Foundation developed four programs that are they working on today. Here is some important information about each of these programs.

So read it to choose the best for you and become one of the hundreds of people who already help the disabled children:

  1. Professional help for disabled children who want to get simple access to sport and physical activity. Also, the specialist of this program helps children to understand their talents and to find their own way to embody them. Here all the disabled children will build a successful future.
  2. The sports mentor – is a great opportunity for those children who need to have an adult for support. Here experienced experts show children how to form their social skills and get rid of all the barriers that they meet in their lives.
  3. The program for increasing the amount of physical activity in the Ukrainian schools for better health and a more successful future without any limits.
  4. Collaboration with top experts for helping disabled children build a future in sport!

As you can see how humanitarian aid funding is important today for the better future of the Ukrainian disabled children and their families. The main organization’s goals today also effectively help the adults who suffered from the current situation in Ukraine.

Parimatch Foundation working with other organizations who are specialized in the humanitarian aid Ukraine provision from February 24, 2022.

So now not only children can get some help but also almost every person from Ukraine. If you too need help then push the “Help” button via the official.

Parimatch the website and fill in the short form with simple questions. Also there you could open the access to the payment system to transfer money or to know more about the Parimatch Foundation and all the active programs to take part in.

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