How Does A Bronx Slip And Fall Lawyer Help After An Accident

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Bronx Slip And Fall Lawyer

You are working at a construction site on Metcalf Avenue or East 233rd Street, the Bronx’s new construction real estate markets. And just as you get used to your labor routine, you slip over the owner’s inventory kept on the site and fall, enduring life-changing injuries.

On the other hand, winter is quite hard in the Bronx, causing 20% of falls, sometimes on others’ properties, resulting in severe damages like head trauma and fractures.

When you get such injuries from a slip and fall in the other party’s premises, it is best to hire a Bronx slip and fall lawyer to win your entitled compensation. The leading attorneys build a strong case for you against the negligent owner, proving their liability. Here’s how a slip-and-fall attorney can help you after an accident in the Bronx.

They Help You with Your Claim According to the State Slip and Fall Laws:

As the Bronx is one of the five boroughs in the New York state, it adheres to New York premises liability laws.

Top lawyers have expertise in these laws that dictate that landowners need to maintain their properties in a “reasonably safe condition.” Considering New York laws and legal rules, they help you file a claim with the property owner’s insurer or take your matter to court.

They Help You Collect the Necessary Documents:

As per the New York state laws, you need to have photos or surveillance footage to prove your slip and fall accident on the other party’s premises. You should also have all your medical records directly related to your injury treatments.

The attorneys help you gather all the documents before filing your slip and fall lawsuit, ensuring your side is strong to register a confirmed win.

 They Help You Adhere to the Statute of Limitations:

As per the New York Civil Practice Law & Rules section 214, if you get injured in a slip and fall accident on the other party’s property, you get three years to file your lawsuit. The time starts ticking from the day of your accident.

An experienced Bronx slip and fall lawyer will help you devise the right strategy, utilizing the time you have before filing your lawsuit within the deadline.

They Help Establishing Premises Liability of The Property Owner:

Debris-covered walkways, uneven sidewalk slabs, stagnated rain, ice, and snow are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents in the Bronx.

When the property owner fails to take the necessary remedial steps in any of these scenarios, leading to your slip and fall injuries, they are liable for your compensations.

Qualified lawyers will subpoena evidence, such as security footage, and take witnesses’ disposition to prove the other party’s liability.

They Help You Build Your Case Even When You Are Partially at Fault:

Under Section 1411 of New York Civil Practice Law & Rules, if you are also culpable with contributory negligence, you are entitled to receive a lesser amount of damages.

Adept lawyers know New York’s comparative negligence rule and work on proving that your fault is minimal, ensuring you get the maximum settlement for your injury. They investigate your case to show that the other party didn’t repair the property’s hazards, thus putting full blame on them.

They Help You Determine the Compensation You Deserve:

Typically, in the Bronx, remuneration for a slip and fall victim can range from $1k to a six-digit amount. The value depends on your lawsuit strength and the extent of the damages you have suffered.

The Bronx lawyers consider several factors, from the county where your accident occurred, your total medical expenses, your lost income to the pain you have endured. Based on these aspects, they help you decide and get your settlements from worker’s compensation, when applicable, and defend it in court if the other party objects.

 They Handle Mediation for You:

The New York City Civil Court and Bronx County Supreme Court are where you can file a personal injury lawsuit seeking restitution for your slip and fall injury in the Bronx.

But you don’t have to go to court to win your compensation every time; there are cases when the other party would like to negotiate your settlement amount out of court.

A slip and fall lawyer may help you with the process known as mediation. They interact with the insurers for you, ensuring you don’t settle for a lower remuneration.

Final Thoughts:

In recent years, slip and fall accidents in the Bronx have set records for awarding the victims with the largest remunerations for such accidents in the entire US.

When you meet with a slip and fall accident, engage an experienced lawyer at the earliest. They will handle all your case’s legalities while you can focus on recovering from your injuries after your accident in the Bronx.

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