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Birthday comes once a year and is a special day for everyone. It means you are getting a year older and bolder. It is more special when it is your child’s birthday. It is the most beautiful day of your life; it is the day you brought them into this world. So, it is on your hands to gift them something good and memorable to make their birthday more special.

Here are ten gift ideas for your child’s birthday

1. Barbie Doll set

A barbie doll set can be considered the cutest gift you can give to your child. A barbie doll set has barbie and contains her clothes and shoes, and it comes in a house. Your child can color her hair and change her clothes. This is a good gift because your child will fall in love with it on first look.

2. Remote control set


Remote control settings can be a good gift for any child. They can be a bit expensive, but they can make your child’s day special, exciting, and memorable. There are various remote control sets available in today’s market.

There are cars driven with the help of remote on the ground, and planes are flying in the air with the use of the remote. They work with the help of batteries and are a good investment.

3. Boxing set

If your child is obsessed with action, here is a perfect gift for them. Boxing set along with a punching bag. It helps strengthen their muscles as well as helps in eye coordination. It will not cost you much and make your child happy if he loves action.

4. Disney gifts in Australia

Disney is loved by all the children in the world. You can buy Disney gifts in Australia from their Disney store. There are various gifts like Mickey Mouse soft toys, customized t-shirts of Encanto, Cinderella, etc.

There are also singing dolls of a character from Encanto. Disney costumes are also available in the stores, and they can make your child happy and is a perfect gift for their birthday.

5. Clay and clay machine

Clay is safe and is a good gift for your child. There will be a time when every other plastic toy will bore your child. With the help of a clay and clay machine, your child can make clay cars or dolls.

6. Gardening kit

If your child is in love with plants and the environment, a gardening kit with various tools and books would be a perfect gift for him. It will also help him spend less time indoors, and he will prefer spending more time outdoors, which is something every parent wants. Thus, a gardening kit can be a perfect gift for your child.

7. Books

Getting your child to start reading from a young age can be the best gift to you as a parent as well. Plus, children love books. You can gift your child a book with various pictures and stories written with morals. It can be exciting and will increase their knowledge at the same time.

8. Drawing Books


Drawing books are inexpensive and a good gift for your child. They have sketches that your child is supposed to fill with colors. Thus, gifting your child a bundle of drawing books and a set of oil pastels can be a really good gift. It will teach them coloring and drawing as well.

9. Binoculars

Binoculars are easy to play with and last longer than any other gifts. Gifting your child a pair of binoculars can be exciting and surprising for him. He will try to spend most of his time with it. You can teach him to observe various plants and animals in the distance. Thus, it makes up a good gift.

10. Karaoke set

Gifting your child a karaoke set can be a good gift for his birthday. The set consists of the mic and stand where your child can practice his singing skills. It will help you keep him away from mobiles, and it can be a good investment as well.

Final Thoughts

Thus, here are the ten things you can gift your child for his birthday and make a special day for him.

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