9 Innovative Gifts Parents Can Give To Their Child

Kidsby Mashum Mollah15 October 2020

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Does your child already have a lot of toys and you don’t know what to give them other than more toys? Well, in that case, you’re not alone. There are many parents who wonder what to give their children other than toys because they already have a lot.

It is natural for a parent to think that their children have enough toys, whilst children toys are never enough. On occasions like Christmas or their birthdays this confusion begins. The search for the best gift begins and you don’t want to end up with more toys.

If you have trouble choosing what to give your children instead of toys, we will help you. We are mentioning 9 innovative gifts parents can give to their child (except for toys). You can check the following Non-Toy Gifts For Kids and choose one for your child.

Here are 9 Innovative Gifts Parents Can Give To Their Child:

1. Get Them Some Room Decor

When your kids have their personal room, they love to have some attractive things in it. You can get some room decor like a mat or small cupboard of their favorite cartoon or anything they love. For girls, a barbie dressing table with a small makeup kit will make their day. Improvise how their room looks according to what they love the most.

2. A Customized Pillow Or Mattress

You can also get a customized pillow, blanket, or mattress. Get it customized in something they are really fond of. For instance, if your kids are into marvel and superheroes, get an Iron Man pillow or maybe a Thor-themed mattress. Batman blanket or a Wonder Woman theme, the possibilities are never-ending. Just pick what your child loves the most.

In recent years, some great clothing companies have come up with a lot of interesting and exciting options for kids’ clothing, pillows, and mattresses. Parents can always buy kids clothes online at mylittlewardrobe. They have an interesting collection of clothes and mattresses that cover everything magical and fantasy, including superheroes!

3. Piggy Bank And Wallet

When we say piggy bank it doesn’t mean an empty one. Put some money in it already, so that they start their savings. This is a nice step to teach them the importance of savings whilst you make them happy by providing them some money for starters. Along with a piggy bank, you could also give them their own wallet or purse (in the case of girls). They will surely love it.

4. Take Them To A Picnic Or An Outing

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Talking about the conditions right now, we are locked at our homes for more than 6 months now and we’re definitely not enjoying it. Children like going out, but due to this pandemic, we don’t seem to have a choice. So, take your kids out for a small picnic or outing when it’s possible.

5. Tickets To Their Favourite Movie

If your kids’ favorite movie is up around their birthday or Christmas, that’s good news. Get them tickets for the movie. Take them and give them all VIP treatment with popcorn, cola, and whatever they like. Given the 20gb conditions right now, you could try making that environment at home. This will surely make their day.

6. Gardening Kit

If your kids love playing in the mud or are fond of plants and gardening, this is the best option. Get them a gardening kit and teach them gardening skills. They will enjoy and love everything about it and will learn something very skillful. This will help them as they keep growing.

7. Bath Bombs

In case your children are fond of water or love their bathing time, bath bombs are the ones. Kids who love to bath or love water, will enjoy bath bombs and absolutely love it. You can get it for a day or for a week. There are some bath bombs available in the market which have some surprises in them.

8. Customized Study Table

By far you definitely have an idea about what we mean when we say customized. A study table doesn’t have to be only a study table. It can be multipurpose, like eating on it or watching a movie with a laptop on it. The table could have their name on it.

9. A Customized Suitcase Or Bag

A small bag or a suitcase of their own for when you travel is also something you can consider. Our kids watch us and they want to do the same things. So, get them a bag or a small customized suitcase so that they can drag around their own little luggage when they travel.

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