How To Cook Your Vegan Dishes For The Week On Sunday

Food by  Arnab Dey 21 October 2022

Vegan Dishes

Nutrition is an important aspect of everyone’s life. You are what you eat.

Although this saying is very much true, many still struggle to accept it fully.

One of the biggest challenges that many displays as the most challenging about a better diet is preparation.

Logistics that turns around meal prep is indeed time-consuming and may even demand a certain level of both creativity and logistics.

Although this is tough, it doesn’t have to be mission impossible, especially if you are on a vegan diet already.

Do you enjoy vegan meals but are not sure how to cook your vegan dishes?

Keep on reading because we have got you covered.

Plan Ahead

 cook your vegan dishes

Every successful mission starts with a great plan. The plan is something that will help you move forward and get the dishes and nutrients that you need.

By planning, we are not talking about preparing veggies ahead and having the most common ingredients chopped and ready to use.

No, we are also talking about mental preparation, understanding your nutritional needs, and being ready to invest time and energy – this is something that is best done with the right guidelines, which is why many opt for a plant-based dietitian, who can not only provide fresh vegan recipes but can overall improve your overall life quality, by right kind of inputs and professional guidelines.

Have A Sunday Meal Prep List

Meal Prep List

When it comes to meal prep you cannot avoid having different lists.

If you are busy during week, or your time is very tight during the week having a list can save you a lot of time and energy.

Here are some items that can help you make many delicious meals:

  • Cook brown rice for a week
  • Wash and chop veggies – give green veggies a slight advantage due to the iron percentage
  • Make the no-bake oatmeal bars
  • Separate cooked items in a separate bowl and just add fresh or prepared veggies throughout the week

Add to any of these meals a fresh salad and you will be in for a treat every day of the week.

Have Marinated Tofu On Hand

Marinated tofu

No matter how long you might be a vegan, you must love tofu. Moreover, you must know so far that tofu is one of the handiest ingredients to have around when your diet is plant-based.

Marinated tofu is great to eat with garlic bread or as an addition to salads – you will love it.

To help you plan vegan dishes that are easy to prepare and great to eat, below you will find ten recipes that you should try today:

  1. Baked pasta
  2. Vegan chili
  3. Quinoa salad
  4. Vegan bolognese sauce
  5. Taco filling
  6. Vegan casserole
  7. White bean chili
  8. Sweet potato quinoa kale salad
  9. Veggie rice bowl
  10. Green lentil salad

The Bottom Line

There you go! Yes, this is just a fast overview of the most practical and delicious vegan dishes, but it is up to you to discover more.

Do not forget that when it comes to great nutrition everyone needs an individual approach, because after all – we all have different nutritional needs.

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