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lima beans

Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus), also known as a butter bean, canary bean, double bean, sieva bean, and Madagascar bean. Lima beans have a whitish, greenish, and flat oval-shaped appearance, and can be easily found in any offline or online stores. These beans have a buttery taste.

Many teenagers avoided eating lima beans but do you know that it is far rich in nutrition? Yes, it is and there is a wide range of benefits that lima bean consists. They are found in South Ameria and Mesoamerica. 

Lima Bean Nutrition Details:

Lima Bean Nutrition

Lima bean contains a high amount of carbohydrates yet low calories. It consists of a high amount of proteins and is a good source of dietary fiber.  You may have the questions in mind are lima beans good for you? The answer is a big yes! 

Lima bean regulates the level of blood sugar and helps to reduce cholesterol and insoluble fiber that helps in preventing digestive disorders, constipation, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Nutrition facts of Lima Beans:

78 grams or a half cup of raw lima beans contains: 

  • Carbohydrates: 15.7grams.
  • Protein: 5.3grams.
  • Fat: 0.7grams.
  • Sugars: 1.2 grams.
  • Fiber: 3.8grams.
  • Sodium: 6.2mg.
  • Calories: 88.

Lima bean also contains little amount of calcium, zinc, and selenium. 

Vitamins and Minerals in lima beans include folate and magnesium, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, phosphorous respectively. Lima bean is one of the best nutritious beans because it contains more iron as compared to chickpeas, soybeans, kidney beans, etc.

Lima bean is a kind of protein source. Eating all sources of proteins provides necessary amino acids that are unable to produce by your body. So, in order to get all amino acids, you need to get varieties of foods that are healthy and nutritious like lima bean.

Lima Bean Benefits:

lima bean

There are numerous health benefits by eating lima beans. From weight control to lowering cholesterol, there are several benefits of lima bean that are discussed below.

1. It Helps to Detoxify:

Lima bean contains a high amount of molybdenum, which is a rare mineral that is found in very fewer foods. One cup of lima bean contains around three hundred percent of molybdenum which is a daily recommended value.

Lima beans contain low calories but it has a healthy complex carbohydrate which is essential for our body. Therefore, eating lima bean regularly can help our body to detoxify.

2. Helps in Weight Control:

Lima bean contains necessary minerals and nutrients that can help you hut some pounds. Lima bean works great in controlling weight loss because it contains a great concentration of dietary fiber.

It prevents overweight and chronic health conditions that occur as a result of a high amount of sugar. It also helps to overcome LDL cholesterol levels.

3. Lima Beans are the Best Source of Iron and Proteins:

As already discussed above that lima bean contains a high amount of iron as compared to other types of beans. Iron has an efficient role in producing energy from nutrients and it also assists in the production of RBC (Red Blood Cells). 

Vegetarians should take lima bean in their food because it is a rich source of protein. 1 cup of lima bean consists of fifteen grams of proteins.

4. Supports Brain Health:

Lima bean contains all the essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, sodium, fiber, amino acids, etc. You already know that lima bean has a high amount of manganese that helps to enhance brain health and nervous system.

Therefore, taking lima beans regularly can benefit you in the long run. On the other hand, the lima bean maintains healthy blood pressure levels.

Lima Beans Recipes:

Lima Beans Recipes

So, here is a great recipe prepared from lima bean that you can also try at home and serve your family! Before proceeding. You should purchase fresh lima beans. You can get it in any grocery shop.


One onion (finely diced).

Two tablespoons of canola oil.

1.25 tablespoons of sugar.

Red pepper flakes and salt.

Fresh shelled lima beans (four cups).


  • Take 3.5 cups of water in a saucepan and boil it.
  • Take another saucepot with oil and heat it in a medium flame.
  • Now, fry the onions in a saucepot. Then add boiling water to it.
  • Until the onions become golden brown stir constantly (up to 20 minutes).
  • Then add lima beans and cook it until it becomes soft.
  • Add salt, sugar, red pepper flakes and boiling water.
  • Cook until your lima beans become tender (35 to 40 minutes).
  • Then mash 1/3rd of the tender beans thoroughly.
  • Your hot lima beans are ready to serve!

Lima Beans Side Effects:

Eating raw lima beans can be toxic for your health. Raw lima beans contain linamarin and it produces toxic compounds like Hydrogen Cyanide which is very dangerous for us.  It can prove to be poisonous to your health and can make you ill at times. 

Therefore, you should cook lima beans at least for fifteen minutes to keep yourself safe. And be sure not to eat in large quantities as it can affect you in one way or the other. You must think in advance about the side effects of the Lima beans in the most effective way. It will help you to maintain your diet in a proper manner.

Wrapping it up

Lima bean is a herbaceous plant with numerous types of growth habits. You should add lima beans in your diet because it contains all the essential nutrients that are required by your body. You can prepare delicious recipes with lima beans and serve your family. This mouth-watering recipe can help you out of the best diets in the best possible ways so that you can maintain healthy habits. 

Therefore, you have come across various ingredients, benefits, recipes, and side effects of lima beans in this article. Still, have doubts regarding lima beans? Feel free to ask your queries in the comment section below. If you want to develop your food habits in a proper way then the above process is the best way to do that more effectively. 

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