How Do Customers Behave Throughout The Purchase Journey?

Businessby Mashum Mollah28 November 2020

Customers Behave

Customer behavior online, where to start? Knowing the ins and outs of how prospective buyers behave online is key to success, though it’s undoubtedly a tricky business.

With this said, a recent study carried out by Feefo with 2,000 participants across the UK has revealed some interesting and valuable findings. Businesses should listen, learn, and engage with customers at every stage of their buying journey online.

Easier said than done, right? However, there may be apparent mistakes you’re making. From steep shipping costs to taking too long to reply to customers, there’s probably room for improvement. Understanding a customer’s purchase journey is essential and, by carrying out an analysis, business owners can genuinely get into the minds of their customers.

The Feefo study revealed that 82% of participants focus on the pricing of services or products, and 55% review brand values before choosing to buy from a company.

So, what can be done to ensure you really understand your customers and what they look for when it comes to purchasing online?

  • Content personalization- gathering information about customer characteristics and personas is a useful starting point
  • Optimized content – how can customers see what you’re offering them if it doesn’t show in their search results? Marketing campaigns are rendered useless if potential buyers don’t view them
  •  Customer loyalty recognition- customers like knowing that they are valued and that their loyalty is appreciated.

Almost one-third (30%) of consumers that participated in the survey admitted they’d buy elsewhere after just one poor experience with a company. If an online business chooses to listen to their customers and provide them with a fantastic experience, every time, there is very little chance of disappointment.

By carrying out surveys and asking directly for customer feedback alongside the technical analysis, you’re already half-way to success. The buying journey isn’t straightforward; however, it can be understood and improved on so that your customers are satisfied in the long-term.

And, happy customers in the long-term bring about guaranteed brand loyalty. Before you know it, you’ll have a dedicated customer following and a thriving online business!

See the infographic below for the full results from the survey:


How do consumers think and behave across the purchase journey? [Infographic]


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