5 Reasons why should you study data science in Berlin

Technologyby Sumona02 June 2022

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Forbes has tagged data as the new oil in the 21st century and data science is the sexiest job domain. With companies realizing the benefits of making data-backed decisions, there has been an emergence of numerous data science applications across different industries.

Data science has naturally emerged as one of the most popular academic disciplines for students aspiring to exciting careers. A data science course in Berlin or any other developed city can open up many career doors for you within the data science world and beyond.

But what is data science in the first place? And, what can be the possible benefits of choosing this career specialization for your master’s degree? Read on to find out!

What is data science?

In simple words, data refers to the vast information that bubbles up from different processes, techniques, and procedures. For example, the number of customers per month at a shop can be useful sales data to improve business.

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Data science can help you collect data methodically, process them and derive meaningful information from them. Using the previous example, data science can help you understand what is attracting customers to the shop and how you can improve the numbers.

Why should you choose data science as your career specialization?

Data science can be exciting, exhilarating, and satisfying as a career choice. Data scientists are involved in decoding some of the biggest industry problems and form the backbone of decision-making in any company.

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As a data scientist, you get to add value to your organization, derive meaningful insights from huge data reserves, and help the company become more streamlined. Here are some other benefits of choosing data science as your college specialization.

1. There’s an ever-growing demand for data scientists in every industry:

More and more businesses are adopting data analytics as a part of their business operations. Therefore, the need for qualified data scientists has shot up incredibly.

2. Data science roles command high salaries and rewarding job descriptions:

As a data scientist, it is easy to be financially secure since data jobs are usually well-paying. According to Payscale.com, an average data scientist in Germany can earn about € 67,000 per year.

3. It can be easy to grab a job if you have the right skills and qualifications:

With so many data science roles and positions available in the market, it can be easy for you to find a job provided you have the relevant qualifications.

4. There’s a lot of diversity in the kind of career options available in data science:

With data science applications in practically every industry, there’s a lot of diversity to be found in data science roles and careers.

5. The work would be challenging enough for you to avoid career monotony:

As a data scientist, you would be asked to work on a variety of problems and issues that are diverse. This can sustain your interest in your work and avoid monotony.

A comprehensive data science program can help you learn all the data analytical tools and techniques you need for a data science career. Start looking for appropriate programs around you today to become a successful data scientist.

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