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World’s leading condom manufacturing company Durex, with over 80 years of experience in sexual euphoria industry has skilfully tuned its condoms to be fit and to give protected sexual experience. Durex chunk of lubes, massage gels and pleasure gels have been distinctively formulated to be gentle to your skin while profoundly enlarging sexual incitement. Amazon’s Middle East e-commerce platform, Souq is providing all crucial sexual wellness products at very reasonable rates by giving discounts on every product.

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Durex has introduced its “Durex Fun Bundle” which is available on Souq at just 138.87 AED. The bundle includes tickling dots, intense pleasure, and flavored condoms. Additionally, the box also contains play strawberry lubricant. Have a look at some of the exciting offers below.

Durex Extended Pleasure Pack at just 55.04 AED :

Durex Tickling Dots Condom is a dotted textured condom with sheer wall and teat end for the prolonged excitement.  Hundreds of dots will mean more thrills and added intensity. If you are keen to have a long-lasting performance during your act, then Durex Tickling Dots Condom is just right picked for you.

These condoms come with a special lubrication known ‘Benzocaine’ coated inside the condom. With the length of 180 mm (min) and width 53 +/- 2 mm Durex Extended Pleasure pack of 12 is available at 55.04 AED in SOQU instead of 58.00 AED.

Durex Taste Me Condoms Pack of 12 at 49 AED :

Love making is always sweet. Durex knows that there is always leeway to make it divine and exciting which is the reason why Durex has introduced the Taste Me condoms. These condoms are available in banana, strawberry and orange flavors. These are colored and lubricated, plain textured and are anatomically shaped having teat end. They have the length of 180 mm (min) and width 53 +/- 2 mm Durex Taste Me condoms pack of 12 is available at 49 AED on Souq instead of 59.00 AED which lets you save 10 AED.

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel available at 41.49 AED :

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 200 ml gel comes in a variety of flavors like those of cherry, aloe vera, strawberry, ylabng ylang, etc. At Souq Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 gel is available at 41.49AED.

Durex Intimate Box at a discount of 29.37 AED :

Also available at Souq, is the Durex Intimate Box which includes real feel, feel thin, feel ultra-thin and play feel lubricant. Although it is designed to provide maximum sensitivity, it equally ensures safety and comfort. The bundle is designed to provide the best experience and is available at a discount of 29.37 AED at 148.64 AED at Souq.

Durex extra thin invisible condoms available at only 70.99 AED :

Durex Extra Thin Invisible condoms are specially designed to maximize sensitivity. These are the thinnest ever condoms developed by Durex and ensure perfect elasticity and flexibility. They are made with hypo-allergenic natural rubber latex and are available at Souq at only 70.99 AED.

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