Why and how you should encourage continued learning in the workplace

Business by  Mashum Mollah 28 January 2021

continued learning in the workplace

As humans, we have been learning since we were born. We learn to walk and speak, we go to school, we learn on the job and go to university. Everyone’s learning experience is different, but we all never stop learning.

Continued workplace learning is one of those things that can benefit both employees and employers. It is something that can often be overlooked, or not done as regularly as it should be. In a competitive environment such as business, you can never be complacent about the skills your workforce possesses.

Here we will look at a few reasons why and how you should encourage continued learning in the workplace.


Keeps training up to date

Keeps training up to date

Potentially the most obvious reason why, is that you must keep your employees’ training up to date. Whether it is data protection, internet safety, or a refresher course on manual processes, up to date training is an absolute requirement for the safety of your staff and customers.

Can provide a competitive edge to your business

Instead of just focussing on work-related training, encouraging learning in other areas can add a competitive edge to your business. One study showed that 84% of training provided by employers is job-specific. So, why not break the mold and encourage employees to learn a new language, for example.

45% of employees already take the time to learn outside of business hours


When it comes down to it, chances are your employees are already continuing to learn in their free time, as shown by this statistic. If 45% of employees have to use their free time and breaks to learn, this can show that you aren’t making the most of your workforce’s potential. After all, they will continue to learn anyway, so try to harness that talent for your business.


Check-in with your employees

To see what courses or training to employ, regularly check in with your employees to see what they think. Asking for feedback on their current skill level, willingness to learn, and what your current training scheme lacks, can offer you a great deal of insight into what you should be offering.

Recognize achievement

Always recognize your employees’ learning achievements. This will motivate them to keep going. We all know that learning is not always straight, there will be twists and turns along the way, so make sure to support your employees through their journey.

Create a library of learning resources

And finally, start to create a library of learning resources. Gather learning tools and training documents to be made readily available to those that want it. This could be a physical library of sorts, to which you could dedicate an area of the office to or a virtual collection of learning tools. To discover what learning tools could be available to you, click here for more information.

Learning is a lifelong commitment, starting when you are born and developing throughout your entire time. So, encourage continued learning in your workplace for a happy, skilled, and innovative workforce.

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