Will EXO Disband? Concerns Arise After Band Members File For Termination Of Contract!  

Celebrity by  sagnika sinha 02 June 2023 Last Updated Date: 09 December 2023

EXO’s Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen have given SM Entertainment notice that they want their exclusivity deal terminated. The three members of the well-known K-Pop group officially announced their decision to end their existing exclusive contracts with SM on 1 June through their legal agent and attorney Lee Jae Hak of the law firm LIN.

The three members have submitted seven requests, but none of them have been granted. The requests refer to papers that indicate the three members’ profits from March to May. The legal attorney also stated that SM Entertainment did not release the records that showed the earnings they made from the singer transparently. This was a fundamental prerogative of an artist, according to Lee Jae-Hak.

The notice also stated:

“If SM had accurately paid the settlement to the artists, there would have been no reason why they could not provide the settlement reports and settlement basis. The fact that SM is unable to provide such settlement reports and settlement grounds is strong counter-evidence that SM did not properly pay the settlement to the artists. Thus, the artists plan to take all civil and criminal legal action including a lawsuit for settlement payment against SM in order to check the exact details of the settlement.”

In the same notice, the artists also left a note to the fans. They apologized for “causing great concern to the fans with this incident.”

However, they have asked and thanked for support from their fans who are known as EXO-L. Fans were anxiously anticipating the group’s highly anticipated K-pop comeback in 2023 when the stunning news of Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen’s contract cancellation broke.

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