Elton John Finishes On A High In His Final Tour On 8th July!

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Elton John Finishes On A High In His Final Tour

On 8th July 2023, Sir Elton John performed his last set on Saturday in Stockholm, Sweden. The tour “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” started in September 2018, yet, it spanned the past few years because of the COVId-19 pandemic and a hip injury that Sir Elton John sustained in 2021.

On Saturday, the 76-year-old artist informed us that they have performed in 330 shows in 663 days! The tour resumed after January 2022, but before continuing, Sir John stated that he focused on spending more time with his family in an interview on CBS Mornings.

On the last show, Chris Martin of Cold-play joined Elton John through a live stream and paid tribute to the iconic singer. He also wished Sir Elton John a happy retirement. Martin also highlighted the significant role John played for the growth of AIDS Foundation, LGBTQ communities, and fashion.

In the interview, John stated that he was touring from 17 years old and has been thankful for his experience. His husband, David Furnish, also wrote on Instagram about being excited about their next chapter in life together!

Hit tracks such as Your Song (1970), Rocket Man (1972), Candle in the Wind (1973), and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) have been created by the man who is not only a global artist but also a representation of creativity and talent. He is a well-known piano player.

He has performed for 50 years and enthralled the audience with his immaculate, unorthodox music and performance. Also, he changed the music scene after Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, and the Beatles! A young boy coming from a northwest London suburb, he infused rock n roll along with the sound of the piano.

The married couple has two sons, Elijah and Zachary, together. Elton John is a family man looking forward to enjoying his life with him.

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