Who Is Seargeoh Stallone? – Bio, Career, Relationship And Net Worth

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Seargeoh Stallone

Being curious and learning about your favorite celebrities, background, and family is normal. Sylvester Stallone is one such celebrity who has a huge fan following. Therefore, people are always curious about his family. Seargeoh Stallone, Sylvester Stallone’s younger son, has naturally experienced his share of the limelight.

He is the second son Stallone had with Sasha Czack, who was born in 1979 on May 5 in the U.S. He has three half-sisters who his father has with his now estranged wife, Jennifer Flavin.

Both Seargeoh’s parents are celebrities, which made him a celebrity from birth. His father, an actor, a producer, a director, and a screenwriter, is popular for his Rocky and Rambo franchise, apart from other movies. His mother has worked in films such as Love of Life, Long Lost Love, and others.

The struggle of being a celebrity’s child is something that Seargeoh Stallone had to go through, but he has another challenge to face. He was diagnosed with autism at the young age of 3 in 1982.

It was noticeable from a young age because he was unusually shy and lacked communication skills. Both his parents noticed that Seargeoh lacked basic socialization skills. Hence, they both started looking for solutions. They became concerned and started looking for answers.

Who Is Seargeoh Stallone? – Bio, Career, Relationship, And Net Worth

Who Is Seargeoh Stallone

The second child of Silvester Stallone, Seargeoh Stallone, was timid and experienced difficulty communicating. Later when he was diagnosed with autism, his parents went to the National Society for Children and Adults for help.

They started looking for assistance; however, before Seargeoh completely recovered, in 1985, his parents got divorced. His father also got married in the same year to Brigitte Nielsen, making it difficult for the child to cope with the stress and the separation. Once his parents got divorced, it was his mother who took the responsibility for look after him.

Sylvester Stallone, at that time, was at the peak of his career; hence, his financial support was always available. Initially, Seargeoh was enrolled in a Pasadena, California, school for learning disabilities. Later both his parents decided to homeschool their child.

It was Sasha who integrated the child through homeschooling, and Seargeoh’s father also supported her. Overall, it helped the child effectively because, by the age of 10, there was considerable development. His social skills and speech improved comparatively.

1. Seargeoh Stallone


Seargeoh Stallone is now 43 years old and living with his family as an American citizen. His height is 5 ft. 8 in’, and he has made small appearances in films; however, he has no Hollywood career. Seargeoh Stallone movies are “Rocky Balboa” and “Rocky ll.” He did have an older brother, Sage Stallone, who tragically died in 2012.

Due to his condition of autism, he tries to stay out of the public eye. However, he has made appearances in public with his family. As his father is a public icon, it is natural for people to be curious about Seargeoh Stallone; therefore, he has tried to spreading awareness about his condition.

He has his family with him; however, due to his autism, he has tried to stay away from the limelight and the movie industry. His issues with communication and interaction are one of the main reasons for him to stay away from the entertainment industry.

His family always supported him and his condition as he took different therapy sessions. Years of therapy have helped Seargeoh Stallone to improve his communication and socializing skills. It has also helped him with expression through art.

2. Career And Accomplishments

Career And Accomplishments

The struggles of autism experienced by Seargeoh Stallone have not stopped him from creating his career path. He has come out of his father’s shadow by becoming an accomplished artist and has exhibited in several art exhibitions. Also, he is an artist in his own right, reminding everyone that nothing can stop someone, even with disabilities.

He has also become involved in many philanthropic activities and supported many charitable organizations related to different disabilities, including autism. He is not just his father’s son. Instead, he has raised awareness of autism through philanthropy and art.

Seargeoh Stallone has been recognized as the “Silent Son of Sly” due to his difficulties concerning communication. Yet, he has made an image of himself by creating a brand of intelligence and his simple ways of dealing with autism.

3. Relationship


The younger son of Sylvester Stallone is currently single. Based on the public information, there is no seargeoh stallone wife. Even though he is very private and does not share the details of his personal life with the media, based on the information, he lives with his family.

4. Net Worth

The net worth of Seargeoh Stallone, the son of Sylvester Stallone, is $5 million; however, he is not involved in any Hollywood projects or the entertainment industry. His father and brother have been involved in the entertainment industry, yet, Seargeoh has not been seen in the limelight.

5. Present Controversy

Present Controversy

Even though Seargeoh Stallone has not been a household name as his father, he has significantly impacted the world. With philanthropy, he has helped many suffering from autism and other disabilities, making his legacy filled with determination and perseverance.

The recent query has arisen due to the absence of Seargeoh Stallone in the teaser and the trailer of the reality TV show “The Family Stallone.” It is an upcoming series starring Sylvester Stallone, his present wife, and his three daughters, Sistine, Scarlet, and Sophina.

Considering Sylvester Stallone has two sons from his first wife, Sasha Czack, the absence of his second son in the trailer is quite noticeable. He is an integral family member as he lives a secluded life with his family in the La Quinta mansion in California. The elder son, Sage Stallone, passed away in 2012.


Seargeoh Stallone is the son of Sylvester Stallone, a significant celebrity child, because he is much more than just a son to a popular celebrity father. He is an artist in his own right, even with a condition of autism and divorced parents.

He proves that individuals can achieve anything if they set their minds to it. Tell us your thoughts about celebrity children and their contribution and impact on the world.

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