Things To Know About Final Fantasy 16: From Overheating Issues To Low-Poly Grape!

Gaming by  Ankita Tripathy 03 July 2023

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy, formerly regarded as the best Japanese role-playing game (RPG), has recently started a quest to adapt and stay relevant in a market dominated by games like Witcher 3. The series’ creator, Square Enix, has investigated a variety of strategies to ensure a solid future for the property, from the popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) Final Fantasy XVI to the polarizing reception of the open-world adventure of XV.

Highlights include the well-liked Final Fantasy VII remake and Nier Automata’s success. Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix’s most recent release, appears to have hit a nerve.

Players have reported the bugs on Twitter and Reddit, but as of this writing, developer and publisher Square Enix has not yet addressed them.

Although some claim to have played through the identical portion without incident, dozens of other gamers have stated that they, too, have encountered the issue in the exact same location. The affected PS5s contradict the theory that they are overheating because they are in an inadequately ventilated area.

In other developments, real-world merchandise featuring the popular low-poly grapes has returned. The Final Fantasy 14 community lamented the removal of the cherished low-poly grapes two years ago after a Square Enix update rounded off the fruit’s jagged edges, breaking oh so many hearts.The MMO’s Endwalker expansion included the obelisk fruit, which the community soon embraced through fan art and incessant jokes.

Thankfully, some fans can now squeeze the real grapes tightly to make up for lost time and relive the glory days. Sadly, the mushy grapes will undoubtedly be resold online at exorbitant prices to people who can’t make it to the festival. One day, hopefully, Square Enix will formally offer the merchandise.

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