Extroverted Personality Types Have A High Risk Of Developing Dementia With Age!

News by  sagnika sinha 26 December 2023

Extroverted Personality Types Have A High Risk Of Developing Dementia

Individuals who have personality types traits such as openness, extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness might develop dementia in later stages. The Big Five hierarchy is a concept where the personalities of the individual have all these traits mentioned.

If you belong to the Protagonist personality type, be it ENFJ-A or ENFJ-T, there is a characteristic of openness and charisma in you! So, there might be some probability that you have dementia as you age further. The Big Five hierarchy is a system that describes the balance needed in a personality.

Having some personality characteristics related to the Big Five hierarchy might risk you having both positive and negative effects. One of the negative effects is the risk of dementia. Extraversion, an integral part of some individuals’ personalities, might be closely tied to neuroticism.

Based on the meta-study evidence, dementia, a mental disorder, is closely related to and associated with personality type. There is no significant evidence of this association; however, according to brain pathology, certain aspects relate to the conditions or disorders experienced by individuals.

Complex techniques have been used to explore the significant characteristics of individuals. The dementia risk is there, but what we need to realize is that the personality traits are not in our control. The neuropathological burden and the risk of dementia influence the way an individual responds to their surroundings!

What you also need to realize is that the characteristics related to Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementia (ADRD) have a probability of manifesting some of the clinical signs of the design. There might also be cognitive impairment, which influences individuals with personality traits influencing their perception!

If you are too positive and extroverted, there is a high probability of healthy aging, especially if you take some common sense measures and decisions. You also have to do some cognitive stimulating and social activities that will help you lower stress and anxiety.

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