5 Salmon Fishing Sustainability Facts Every Industry Expert Needs to Know

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Fishing Sustainability

Most people have at least heard the phrase “sustainable seafood,” but they may not be fully aware of what it is. This is seafood that’s either farmed or caught in a manner that considers the long-term vitality of the specific, harvested species, along with the well-being of the oceans.

The concept was begun by a movement that started in the 1990s and has grown and evolved since. Keep reading to learn more about sustainable seafood here.

Incorrect Information

According to recent news stories, there are certain seafood species around the globe that are going to be extinct by the year 2048. According to experts, though, this is not accurate.

It’s these media reports that are scaring many consumers and resulting in them not consuming this very healthy source of protein. Thanks to things like sustainable aquaculture, this is simply not the case.

The Role of NFI

The members of NFI support the sustainable use of ocean resources. This organization requires responsible fishing practices along with the sustainable management of the oceans.

It also works on a regular basis with various government agencies, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service, along with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. The goal of this collaboration is to ensure the fisheries system remains healthy and that it is properly managed for future generations.

The Sustainability of Current Fish Stocks

According to information provided by scientists employed by the government, approximately 80 percent (or more) of the fish stocks are sustainable. This means they can provide seafood for consumption now, as well as for future generations.

Regarding the false reports mentioned above, there is just no validity to the claim that there will be no commercial fish stocks by the year 2048. The experts in this field have stated that using the fish catch statistics as a forecasting tool is dangerous because there are a number of factors that can influence the real catch from the existing stock.

Top Seafood Options Americans Enjoy

The favorite seafood options for Americans are all sustainably managed. The top options of seafood that Americans currently consume include:

  • Tilapia – sustainably managed
  • Cod – Limited overfishing
  • Shrimp – sustainably managed
  • Flatfish – limited overfishing
  • Tuna – sustainably managed
  • Clams – sustainably managed
  • Salmon – sustainably managed
  • Crab – limited overfishing
  • Catfish – sustainably managed
  • Pollock – sustainably managed

If a fish is sustainable it means the fish stock is not overfished. For certain species of crabs, cod, and flounder, there are limits put on what can be caught to ensure that overfishing does not occur.

For the crab, these species are from the Bering Sea and include Tanner and King crabs. With cod, the fish is from the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, and for flounder, the restriction applies to winter and yellowtail options that are present in Georges Bank.

Understanding Sustainability Fishing

While sustainable fishing practices have been around for several decades, there are still many who aren’t fully aware of what they have to offer or why they are so important. To put it simply, it is these practices that are going to ensure the fish population all over the globe remains healthy and adequate to provide food for consumption now and in the future.

Better understanding these practices can help you see why they are so important.

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