4 Things To Expect When You Fall In Love With Someone From Another Country

Travelby Ariana Smith09 October 2018

foreign love affair

If you’ve ever experienced the intrigue of finding yourself attracted to someone with an accent different from yours, who has a mysterious charm you can’t quite stop thinking about, you may understand why people fall in love with foreigners.

Love makes people do a lot of strange things, including leaving their home country and moving thousands of miles to a distant foreign location. Every year, there are thousands of individuals that seek help from family immigration attorneys to set up families in newer countries. Immigration is a real and serious concern that requires adequate attention.

Having a foreign love affair has been written about in operas, books, and poems for centuries for a reason.  It can be one of the greatest adventures in love possible, however with it comes a certain set of challenges.  Along with the wonder and amazement also comes the following things to anticipate.

Immigration Challenges with foreign love affair:

Each country comes with its own set of rules and laws.  Much to some people’s dismay, you can’t just decide to live in one country and do it freely, unfortunately.  Choosing to move to a new country comes with a series of steps that you must follow which in many cases often leads to a disappointing result.  You could even find yourself in trouble with the law if you aren’t careful.

It will take a considerable amount of commitment and dedication to move forward to the point of being able to live together in the same country.  It will be the ultimate test of your love if you can make it through to the other side despite the challenges you will be presented with.  It may be a good idea to start looking into the immigration laws of where you two would want to live eventually so that you can start getting the paperwork out of the way as early as possible.

Cultural Differences:

Even though your initial attraction to your differences may charm both of you, after a while, you may find them challenging.  One thing that you may find perfectly acceptable may seem shocking to them and vice versa.

Sometimes you may not notice the cultural differences initially, however, over time they can come up at moments that you least expect.  Just be sure to try to

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remain open-minded and patient.  Over time your cultures will start to absorb the other, and you’ll find a balance with enough work.

Communication Barriers:

Regardless of how well you both speak the others’ language, there will come at least a handful of times during your love story when things get lost in translation.

Sometimes you may laugh about it hysterically, and other times it may lead to an argument.  The most important is to anticipate these moments so that you’re prepared to work through them patiently.

Traveling To See Family:

Since you’ll both have family in potentially different parts of the world, you may find yourself torn between who you’ll visit next.  Your yearly travel bill can quickly start to add up between holidays and events.

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