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Kindle, this little device from Souq has become the definition of e-reader among masses. The early Kindle e-readers didn’t have LCD display and powerful features just like they do right now. But new features like high-resolution display, better battery, and more storage make the new Kindle e-readers in-line with smartphones in terms of pricing.

Currently, Souq sells 7 Kindle e-readers in India. But after looking at this lineup, we find that not all the devices are worth buying or worth their price. We’ve checked every model and compared their price. Everything from the basic Kindle to Paperwhite and all the way up to the fancy Kindle Oasis, all the e-readers are available with best deals right now.

So, if you have decided to track down exciting offers on Kindle, here we have brought all the Kindles with their best buy prices. You can even avail various Souq Coupon to get heavy discounts on them. The popular e-reader series has the best devices for every budget.

All-New Kindle (Wi-Fi) – Rs.5,999

All-new Kindle is the cheapest e-reader available right now. Its design is slim and it is lightweight, so it is easy to hold even in one-hand. Moreover, this now comes in black and white colour options. The display is easy on your eyes and touchscreen works really well and also gives feel like real paper. It doesn’t have screen glare even in bright sunlight, unlike normal tablets.

Further, it offers better battery life and its single charge lasts for weeks. It comes with enough storage and can hold thousands of books. This does not come with a built-in light, and this could be a drawback for many.

Kindle Paperwhite- Rs.10,999

The Kindle Paperwhite is the upgraded one from basic Kindle. It has a high-resolution display with 300-pixel density and the touchscreen feels like real paper. Unlike the normal tablets or smartphones, the display has no screen glare issues even in bright sunlight.

Interestingly, it comes with a built-in adjustable light so you can read in day and night as well. The single change of its battery also lasts for weeks. It can also hold thousands of books with its enough storage and you can choose from new releases and bestsellers.

Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi- Rs.16,499

The Kindle Voyage also offers a high-resolution 300 ppi display which offers a crisp, laser-quality text. The touchscreen gives feels like you are reading on real paper without glare even in direct sunlight. Moreover, it has a new adaptive front light option that provides ideal brightness whether its day or night.

Further, it comes with a PagePress feature that enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger from the reader. Its battery also lasts for weeks. It can also hold thousands of books and you can choose from new releases to bestsellers, including the largest digital selection. Other exclusive features include learning vocabulary and connect with other readers on Goodreads.

All New Kindle Oasis- Rs.21,999

This one is the top model of Kindle from Souq. The Kindle Oasis has the largest and highest resolution display with 7-inch size and 300 ppi density. It also gives the real feel that you are reading on a real paper. The display is anti-glare even in bright daylight. It’s thin and lightweight design with dedicated page turn buttons, adaptive brightness offers an overall better reading experience and you can read comfortably for hours.

Furthermore, it has 8 GB onboard storage so that you can save even more books. Notably, it is the first waterproof Kindle device with IPX8 certification. So, you can read and relax even in places, where it can get water splashes. The single battery charge lasts for weeks, so just enjoy reading.

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