Free Use Relationship: A New Trend or a Dangerous Fantasy?

Relationship by  sagnika sinha 26 March 2024

free use relationship

Do you want a relationship where you do not have to ask for permission? Are you wondering about the freedom you will experience in a free-use relationship? I am here to discuss how trust is important in a free-use relationship.

But wait! Are you wondering about the meaning of the word or the impact of the “free use,” which can be easily misinterpreted? It might be negative, but I am here to explain the meaning of the free-use relationship.

 You will also read about how it can positively influence the foundation of your relationship. I will share the significance of a free-use relationship and its long-term effect.

Free Use Relationship: A New Trend or a Dangerous Fantasy?

Free Use Relationship_ A New Trend or a Dangerous Fantasy_

Are free-use relationships a fantasy that is quite difficult to achieve? Is there any confirmation that you will achieve complete success regarding how your partner feels and establishing an unspoken bond? I am here to share with you the impact of free-use relationships.

If you check the status of the relationship with an unbiased approach, it is quite beneficial, especially when both partners trust each other! However, this is only sometimes the case. Sometimes, one partner might demand something more or require something the other person cannot understand or respond to effectively.

In this article, let us define the meaning of a free-use relationship and specifically focus on what it means to be in it as a couple! Of Course, there are several other free-use relationships in the professional world.

Defining Free Use Relationship

Defining Free Use Relationship

Do you know what a free-use relationship is among couples? Of course, other types of free-use relationships exist, such as open-source software, public domain works, Royalty-free music, and Creative Commons licensing. Consent is integral to a free-use relationship as it is the key to keeping it ongoing!

Of Course, in this type of agreement, you can regularly renegotiate and revisit this relationship. Safe words, places, times, and boundaries are integral to this relationship. Thus, clear communication is what makes a free relationship click.

Let us discuss the key features or characteristics that help understand free-use relationships and how it is safe to go into them. Feeling respected and secure is important in a free-use relationship; let’s dive deeper!

Agreed Permission

Permission is only sometimes asked in this relationship! Rather, it is agreed or pre-decided that you can do certain things with your partner, which is completely okay. There are certain actions which both partners agree with. Hence, there is no concern when one partner does something! 

Clear Communication 

With clear communication, you can integrate effective boundaries. You also learn about the significance of not repressing your emotions, as the comfort level of both partners is quite good when communication is open. 

Setting Limits

Limitations are also an important part of a relationship; for example, if you borrow something important from your partner, you should respect it. It is also important to appreciate your partner’s space; thus, asking for their permission is a way of setting limits. 

In the film, Friends Of Benefits, there was this concept of establishing sexual relationships along with being friends! This is very similar to the free use relationship as it contributes to the overall growth of both partners and shows mutual respect. 

Trust Is God

Trust is the most important factor when you develop a relationship between two people. Any problem can be easily resolved if there is trust in the relationship. Starting from scratch or struggling in a relationship, establishing trust through a free-use relationship is easy. 

Trust is natural if you are positive in your relationship outlook.

Saying No

 It is normal and acceptable to say no in this type of relationship. Giving a break to your partner, changing your mind, or accepting that they might change their mind is completely acceptable. No explanation is necessary if the other person is not offering it out of their own free will! 

Emotional Understanding

A strong emotional connection is a part of a free-use relationship. Hence, you should be aware of how your partner feels. It would help if you were mindful of your partner’s moods to help them in times of crisis.

It is like knowing how your father takes his tea, or your little brother prefers ice cream. Paying attention to your partner’s needs and showing that you care about them helps develop emotional understanding.

Checking In Regularly

Anything in life needs regular maintenance, such as regular updates on your laptop. Similarly, your relationship needs regular checking in. In a free-use relationship, you must know about your partner’s well-being and contentment.

Significance Of Free Use Relationship

Significance Of Free Use Relationship

Why are free-use relationships different from the standard? If you ask this question, you must read about how it is a more respectable and trustworthy relationship foundation or approach than other relationship types that do not commit. 

It is an important approach, especially in today’s world, because the power exchange is consensual. You will not let any limitations and expectations define your relationship. Also, using relationships helps you integrate open communication and honesty! 

Submitting and control are established with complete consent among both members. Thus, the power dynamic is more effective. Both of you will feel powerful and supportive of each other. You will see that mutual trust will grow from this type of practice. 

“Whatever you say,” is that the logo for free use relationships? Do you wonder about the connectivity of free will and free use when two people are involved in a relationship? One of the major aspects due to which free-use relationships are in trend nowadays. 

Enhanced intimacy results from a free-use relationship, but do you know why this is happening? There is an exchange of vulnerability and power, which improves the intimacy of the relationship. There is a level of closeness among the partners because both explore each other’s desires. 

Free Relationship Versus Open Relationship

Free Relationship Versus Open Relationship

A free relationship differs from an open one in several ways, so let me discuss how appealing it is to you. If you are in an open relationship, you have the freedom to have multiple sexual and emotional relationships.

In a free relationship, there is no additional emotional or sexual agreement. You will have complete freedom in what you do on your vacations and holidays, but in an open relationship, you can have multiple relationships inside and outside of the relationship.

It is becoming very common as people prefer free relationships because there is no open sexual component. For two reasons, free relationships are preferred in some crucial areas.

The primary reason is emotional, where the likelihood of sharing your partner with someone else regarding sexual and emotional perception is unacceptable to many. The second reason is sexual, as having multiple partners in an open relationship might lead to your contracting sexually transmitted disease (STD).

There can be personal fulfillment, romance, and contentment in the free relationship, so if you try to implement it, you will experience a very relaxed environment. Even resentment, tension, and divorce can be greatly decreased.

Finishing off…

To sum it all up, I want to highlight that free-use relationships are not about compromise but facing challenges to traditional boundaries. If you are a part of your relationship, you must foster an environment where you and your partner are more open to each other. 

Furthermore, the best part of the relationship type is that there is no conventionality. Hence, mutual respect and personal boundaries are maintained. 

Comment on how to implement free-use relationship strategies that cater to your requirements.

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