5 Frequent Dog Grooming Errors with Solutions

Pets & Animalsby Mashum Mollah22 January 2021

dog grooming errors

Tons of dog owners face issues and struggle with dog grooming. Whether it’s bathing, brushing, clipping, trimming, or anything else, there are some things that could be improved. Besides, unavoidably, people do make mistakes and errors when grooming their canine pet. But what errors are the most common? What things do people do most or most often when trying to groom their pet? We’ve analyzed and gathered opinions from many dog owners and here are the results. Allow us to introduce 5 frequent dog grooming errors with solutions.

Here are 5 Frequent Dog Grooming Errors with Solutions:

1. Clipping off too much of the nail

It’s quite a common situation. You try to cut and trim the nail but end up cutting too much of it. Blood appears the pup is distressed, you start to panic, and overall, it’s not a good time at all.


Clipping off too much of the nail

if you want to know how to stop a dog’s nail from bleeding after cutting, you should know that the answer is simple – don’t cut it at all. Use a nail grinder instead of regular clippers. It’s a safer and more precise tool. You won’t have to fight with the risk of hurting the pet.

2. Bathing too often

If you aren’t aware of it, dogs shouldn’t be bathed (with shampoos and other products) too often. The chemical components which are present in shampoos can strip their coat of essential oils which are responsible for giving their coat the glow that you know and love.


bathe no more than once a month. Use dedicated and specialist dog shampoos or vet recommended products. In truth, you can bathe once every 6-8 weeks.

3. Shaving their hair during the hot season

It’s probably a natural instinct to want and trim the hair when it’s hot outside. You naturally think that the longer the hair – the hotter it is for the dog. That’s a wrong mindset. If you trim the hair too much, the pup becomes much more vulnerable to the hot temperature and strong, direct sunlight. That’s the complete opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve, right?


Shaving their hair during the hot season

don’t shave off the hair during winter. Rather trim and shorten it a little bit. The coat is their autonomous temperature regulation mechanism which helps them regulate body temperature. If you shave it off, they become prone to sunburns and can even get a sunstroke.

4. Lacking a schedule

If you are a sporadic groomer – that’s a big no-no. You can probably notice that your pet isn’t too keen on grooming or any other unlikeable activities that you just informed them about. Dogs, like so many people, like living on a fixed schedule. They’re not spontaneous, nor they’re super quick to adapt. Thus, you can’t just do everything on your own terms.


introduce a fixed schedule on when certain grooming tasks are to be done. If you can engage your pet to follow that schedule, your grooming tasks will become a lot simpler.

5. Washing the inner ear

Washing the inner ear

It’s quite a common thing to see people trying and wash the dog’s ear. And as we all know, you have to properly and thoroughly clean the pooch’s ears quite often, right? Well, you shouldn’t do that with water or other liquid agents because you risk causing an infection or irritation.


never use any wet materials to clean the dog’s ears. Use dry swabs or other appropriate tools without moisture.


All in all, we have listed 5, truly common dog grooming mistakes that a lot of people make. From bleeding nails, all the way to ears that are cleaned with moisture, you have to know what’s wrong to do, in order to avoid it. If you want to expand your knowledge about pet grooming and find insightful and cool articles about pets, visit Ourpetsmag.com.

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