What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Puppy

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Adopting a Puppy

Pet adopting is an act of taking responsibility for a pet from a shelter or road. Most people leave their puppies on the road and, some good man shelters them and takes responsibility. There are animal shelters in most countries and people who cannot feed or keep them in the shelter house.

Research shows that pet lovers adopt a total of 3.2 million pets each year, among which 1.6 million are the dog. The rest of, 1.6 million are cats. The most adopted pet animal is a dog. You can consider adopting a dog in available dog donation centers.

Things to consider before buying a puppy

Expenses of Puppy

Dogs are expensive enough to afford if you are an average middle-class person.  Research shows that the average expense of a dog is $139.80, which is expensive. The puppy needs veterinary care, which is quite costly. The breed is the essential factor to look after while buying a puppy. Species such as bulldogs and labradors always come with a high price tag.

Vaccination of puppies

Vaccination of puppies

Vaccination is an essential step after adopting a puppy. You don’t know where your puppy has been since now, what diet he eats. A complete and thorough check-up is needed to ensure the safety of the puppy.  The core vaccines that puppies get are distemper, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, and hepatitis.  It costs nearly $15 to 20.

The price of vaccination varies from puppy to puppy. If you adopt a puppy from a shelter, there are fewer charges or even no charges. The number of vaccination varies and depends on the age of the puppy. Moreover, if you can afford a dog’s expenses, you can consider adopting one in any dog donation center.

Puppy-proof home

Puppies have wild nature and are more energetic. They are likely to play more than any other pet. You have to make sure that there is no hazard at the eye-level of the puppy. Hide everything electrical as puppies are sensitive to such cords. Put all your essential things like food, medication, and toxic material into the cabinet.

Keep all household items either locked or high enough that the puppy cannot reach. Do not let your puppy drive into the garage as there are sharp tools that may damage it.  In starting, keep the puppy Inside a small and empty room. Keep an eye on him when it is running all over the home. You can freely leave him once he completes training.

Right veterinarian for your puppy

Right veterinarian

Take some time out to find a good veterinarian for your puppy. The puppy needs a check-up after 2 to 3 days at home. You might follow two factors before looking for a veterinarian. First is the reputation of the veterinarian. He must have experience dealing with puppies.

The second thing to consider is your budget to make sure that veterinarian is affordable and effective. You can ask someone from family, friends, and neighbors who have pets in their home. The breeder and adoption group’s information must be safe, as the veterinarian might ask while vaccinating the puppy. Not only vaccine but there are a lot of other reasons as well to look for a veterinarian.

Raising puppy

It is easy to buy a puppy but hard to raise it carefully. Puppies need special care to grow up healthy and stay active. Start training your puppy from home; teach him how to jump and run strategically. Put barriers and throw meat so the puppy will grab meat crossing all obstacles.

Additionally, socialize your puppy by taking it to a different location and experience the environment.  If you take your puppy to public parks, there will be a lot of puppies. Do not allow your puppy to meet dogs who might not be safe. Each shall spend time with the puppy according to their work.

Food for puppy

Food for puppy

Food is an essential thing that provides energy to a puppy. Below is the list of top puppy foods

  • Wag dry dog is one of the best food puppies will ever have. They are enriched with necessary minerals and nutrition.
  • IAMS proactive dry food for the puppy.
  • Blue buffalo wilderness is puppy food with high protein.
  • Puppies are fond of milk and meat. Meat and milk must be fresh.

Final thoughts

Pet adoption is a good act; if you provide shelter to a lost puppy and help raise it, it is an act of kindness. The above article makes you clear about precautions to consider before buying a puppy. Puppies are loyal companions and need to be treated gently.

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