5 Useful Tips For Grooming Your Dog

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Your Dog

Having a pet dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. Feeding it, taking it for regular walks, grooming it- all these are essential things you must do to ensure your dog is healthy and happy.

As more and more people are adopting dogs, the demand for grooming has also increased. The global pet grooming market size was a whopping 10.92 billion USD in 2020.

If you’re a first-time dog owner yourself, here are five very useful tips for grooming your dog the proper way.

1. Brush regularly

1. Brush regularly

If you have a furry breed, say a Shih Tzu or a Lhasa apso, it’s necessary to give it a good brush every day at least once.

Regardless of your dog’s breed, it will need thorough brushing to keep itself clean and shiny. Short-haired breeds like greyhounds require brushing every other week. If you don’t brush your dog properly, the fur will become tangled and matted.

This can be uncomfortable for your dog to the point that it starts feeling pain. You’ll notice your dog biting or licking that tangled area frequently. This might cause skin irritations or allergies later. So it’s best to remove those knots as early as possible by regular brushing.

2. Trim the hair carefully

It’s always best to go to a professional groomer for trimming the hair around sensitive areas like the eyes or nose. They will know exactly how much hair to trim and how much to keep.

Remember to trim these stray hairs every now and then to prevent them from growing. If the hair around your dog’s eyes keeps growing, it won’t be able to see carefully and the hair can even cause eye infections.

If you feel you can give a good trim yourself, wait till your dog is calm and lying down. Trim very gently and carefully and keep wiping its face with a soft cloth. After the grooming is done, reward your baby with a treat or two!

3. Keep checking the skin

Keep checking the skin

Most dog owners tend to look after only the fur and not the skin underneath. But if you don’t do a thorough inspection of the skin every now and then, you’ll not understand if it starts suffering from any allergy or rash.

Your dog’s skin can tell you a lot about whether it is healthy or not. If you see scaly or irritated skin, change your dog food subscription and take it to a vet. Even external parasites like ticks, fleas, or mites may make their homes in your little one’s skin and cause pain.

Keep parting the coat and check for any unusual lumps or bumps. If you notice anything abnormal, take it to a doctor immediately.

4. Clean the ears

Another important thing to keep in mind is your pooch’s ears. Check if the ears seem smelly or strange to you. More often than not, owners forget to clean their dog’s ears regularly, causing severe infections.

Ear infections can be very painful, so it’s best to prevent them by cleaning the ears at least once a week or so. While a little bit of earwax is normal, if you see a strange discharge from the ears, you should consult your vet that very moment.

Also, look for any lumps or inflammation inside the ears. For proper cleaning, use a soft cloth or earbud and wet it with dog-friendly ear cleaning drops. Very gently, wipe the insides but make sure to not poke too much as that can damage the ears.

5. Don’t over bathe

5. Don’t over bathe

Ideally, a dog should be given a bath once every two weeks or so. In colder climates, a proper bath once a month is enough. If you over bathe your dog, it will strip the natural oils off its skin and dry it out. Never use human shampoo to lean your dog since humans and dogs have different skin pH.

Pour lukewarm water onto the skin and massage the water properly to make the coat wet. After you give a bath, make sure you dry the coat out completely. Even a tiny bit of moisture can cause fungal infections.

Over to you…

These five tips are extremely essential when it comes to giving your dog a proper grooming session. Always be on the lookout for any unusual growths or strange behavior from your dog’s side. If you feel something is off, immediately go to a grooming center or consult a vet for advice.

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