Green Cleaning: Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaning Practices

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You would have to live under a rock not to notice all the growing concern for the environment these days. The good news is more and more people are heeding the call and are actually doing their part to help save and protect the environment.

Subsequently, brands and businesses are following suit and playing their part in this global call for climate change. If you are one of these growing businesses and organizations who are concerned about your carbon footprint, and you want to set an example in your industry, then maybe it is time for you to walk the talk and consider environmentally responsible commercial cleaning services like green cleaning.

Green Cleaning In A Commercial Cleaning Setup

Green cleaning is one of the many commercials that certain cleaning companies offer that involves the use of 100% natural, environmentally friendly cleaning practices and methods. This, of course, also means the use of eco-friendly cleaning equipment, natural, toxic-free, and biodegradable cleaning agent and solutions, as well as reduced energy and water usage.

Benefits Of Green Cleaning

Benefits Of Green Cleaning

Why should you consider commercial cleaning services that offer green cleaning services? Well, there are a bunch of reasons.

Safe And Toxic-Free Cleaning

The first reason, and probably the most important one, is the significant reduction of harmful chemicals in your workplace or commercial spaces. It is no secret that the highest quality cleaning requires strong chemicals to clean, disinfect, and sanitize surfaces and areas effectively. 

This is pretty much the essence of deep cleaning. The problem with these cleaning chemicals is that they are often too strong and too harsh.

Exposure and misuse of these chemicals can lead to various health issues, such as respiratory problems and skin irritation, and can definitely contribute to indoor air pollution. 

This is why your trusted cleaning company, or any professional cleaning services for that matter, send out professional cleaners who are experienced and fully trained in handling such cleaning products to your business premises for cleaning.

However, you can actually still get high-quality industrial cleaning without using industrial-grade (which is often too harsh) cleaning chemicals. Good commercial cleaning specialists can offer professional cleaning without drawbacks. How? By using green cleaning products.

Green cleaning products are made from natural ingredients, such as minerals and plant-based oils. Since they are all-natural, they don’t cause any harm to people or to the environment.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Another incredibly important benefit of green cleaning is the positive effects it can bring to the environment. This type of commercial window cleaning and another type of service doesn’t use toxic cleaning chemicals. They don’t dispose of chemicals to the environment that could harm aquatic life and cause water pollution.

Also, as said earlier, green cleaning processes are quite different from traditional commercial cleaning. The former doesn’t require a lot of water and energy to do, which can be quite helpful if your organization is looking to conserve and minimize its consumption of natural sources.

The Green Cleaning Practices

So, what makes green cleaning different from traditional commercial cleaning? What are its environmental advantages?

Use Of Natural Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning solutions, there are countless options available on the market. For years, commercial cleaning companies have been using the usual cleaning chemicals. While these commercial cleaners can always depend on their performance, most of these cleaning supplies are far from being environmentally friendly.

Safe Products Made By Nature

A commercial cleaning services company that offers green cleaning services, on the other hand, uses natural cleaning products. Meaning the ingredients of these products are found in nature, such as plant-based minerals and oils. 

These products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards, making them as effective as their traditional chemical counterparts.

Affordable Alternative

Since the ingredients for cleaning are abundant in nature, they are often more affordable. This is because more and more cleaning product manufacturers have improved their manufacturing processes. 

Not to mention most natural cleaning products are more concentrated, making them last longer, which gives you more value for your money in the long run.

Use Of Microfiber Cloths

The use of microfiber cloths is one of the biggest advantages of commercial cleaning companies that offer green cleaning. 

This seemingly simple tool does a lot of wonders; this is why they are the favorite tool of professional cleaners.

Efficient Cleaning Without The Risk

For one, these cloths are made from a blend of nylon fibers and polyesters, making them extremely absorbent and effective for cleaning. They have tiny fibers that are extremely efficient in trapping and removing dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces.

Extremely Versatile Cleaning Tool

Another benefit of using microfiber cloths is that they are highly versatile and can be used on a wide range of surfaces. They can be used dry to dust surfaces or dampened with water to clean up spills and stains. They are also non-abrasive, meaning they can be used on delicate surfaces such as computer screens, mirrors, and other electronics without causing damage.

Reusable And Washable

You can use them multiple times before needing to replace them, which helps to reduce waste and save money in the long run. Moreover, since they are highly absorbent, microfiber cloths can clean surfaces with just a small amount of water, which can help to reduce water usage and conserve resources.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Steam commercial cleaning is a powerful and effective cleaning method that uses a high-temperature steaming process to clean and sanitize surfaces without the use of chemicals.

Cleans And Sanitizes Simultaneously

Steam cleaning involves heating water to a high temperature and then releasing it as pressurized steam – an extremely effective way for cleaning a variety of surfaces. 

Steam cleaning is an excellent option for environments where cleanliness is critical, such as healthcare facilities, food service establishments, and schools. 

Kills Bacteria Without The Downside

One of the primary benefits of commercial cleaning with steaming is that it can kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. The high temperature of the steam is effective at killing germs, which makes it an excellent option for environments where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance. 

Additionally, steam cleaning can penetrate deep into surfaces, which can help to remove dirt and grime that may be difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods.

Great For Carpet Cleaning

Another benefit of steam cleaning is it can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces, including rugs, carpets, upholstery, tile, commercial hood cleaning, and grout. It is also an excellent option for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as corners and crevices. 

Additionally, because steaming through commercial cleaning does not require the use of chemicals, it is a safe and eco-friendly cleaning method that can help to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning.

What you need to know about green cleaning practices

Cleaning products may require different cleaning approach

One thing to keep in mind when using natural cleaning products is that they may require a different cleaning approach than their traditional counterparts. Natural all-purpose cleaners, for example, will require some elbow grease to effectively get rid of deeply seated stains. 

Also, natural disinfectants may need to sit on surfaces a little longer to kill germs effectively. Obviously, you don’t have to think of these things when you hire commercial cleaning services for your business, commercial property, or commercial spaces. Commercial cleaners have extensive experience and skills in handling various cleaning products.

Why hire a commercial cleaning company that offers green cleaning

 commercial cleaning company

Outsourcing your cleaning services needs to a green-certified professional commercial cleaning company is an excellent way to ensure that your workplace is as eco-friendly and as safe as possible.

These commercial cleaning companies have made a commitment to using environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices, which means that they have gone through a rigorous certification process to ensure that they meet certain standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Commercial cleaning services have the right cleaning team composed of experienced cleaners to handle all types of cleaning on any commercial property.

Additionally, many green-certified commercial cleaning services companies offer customizable cleaning plans that can be tailored to the unique needs of your workplace, which can help to ensure that your cleaning services are as effective and efficient as possible.

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if you are looking for a simple but effective way to incorporate green cleaning practices into your workplace, consider outsourcing your cleaning services to a green-certified company like Cleanworks commercial cleaning company.

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