Are People Still In Love With Hermoine Granger?

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Hermoine Granger

When you watch the Harry Potter movies or read the books, do you slowly fall in love with Hermoine Granger? Or do you get ticked off every time she shoots something out of that smart sass mouth? Please read the article to learn about the girl who knows it all!

Women like Hermoine confuse men, especially when they hardly need men to tell them what to do! So when I am talking about her being a know-it-all-all, I don’t just mean her bookish knowledge but also her pragmatic side her, which is a necessary skill to survive.

Not going into how beautiful she is, you also have to consider that out of the three, she is the one who never jumps to conclusions! Apart from being brave, Hermoine is a strong source of inspiration and power for Harry and Ron. Are these not enough for people to still love her?

Why Are People Still In Love With Hermoine Granger?

In the article, I would like to go into women who are often misunderstood because of their bravery, ambition, knowledge, and intellectual superiority. Granger was so kind, clearly making boys feel inadequate with her. Is that the reason she feels too bossy at times?

Many people who have grown out of their teen years and were huge Potterheads have agreed that the way Rowling has developed her character, could Ron have kept her happy and satisfied?

The goofy friend of the hero might have been considered too simple for the beauty of the brains. Are boys all over the world trying to get her attention and saying she deserves much more than Ron?

But stop to consider the fact that Ron accompanied Harry on several suicide missions, shared his family with Harry, including the love of his mother and the attention of his father, and went on a wild goose chase, abandoning his family to be with his best friend?

The literal hero who can save her from going completely bonkers with all that overthinking is Ron! She needs someone like him in her life to keep it all sane. So let’s get into more detail on the different facets of the intelligent young wizard without whom Harry Potter would be helpless.

A Bookworm Or A Know-It-All?

Who gave the information about the basilisk and his eyes freezing students in the Hogwarts school? Who hinted about it running across the pipes of the Hogwarts school? All because she reads and remembers! If she had not been there, Ron and Harry would not have identified half of the issues they faced in school.

People keep thinking that Hermoine is a woman who needs handling, but this is not the case! She handled others and their issues. I know what you will say now: she is a bit bossy, but it is all about being responsible!

People often forget being responsible, but she is the one who is always there; she is the one who turns up! You wouldn’t question a man who always says they know you, would you? Being wrongly tagged as a know-it-all, she has been misunderstood.

Is She Just Clever or A Show-Off?

She is clever, but she is also a show-off. What is wrong with that? Being a show-off does not mean she is not a clever woman! Yes, she is, and society is not ready to accept the likes of her running the world. Also, it is important to mention that he was the brightest of all! At her age

An immensely inspiring and confident individual, she was an inspiration for many. Then why do people question her attitude? It is because she had a no-nonsense and fearless personality and was kind.

It can be funny, but it is a borderline snob! Not exactly; it is more of how people feel belittled by her knowledge and effort. Both these characteristics are often perceived as someone trying to fake it, but in reality, it is what it is.

Hermoine is a strong female character who has her imperfections, but we should not put her through judgment because of her personality. Everyone, including Granger, can relate and learn. You will know it by Hermoine Granger wand, a ten ¾ inches vine dragon heartstring!

It tells us all we need to know! One of the most powerful wands belongs to powerful wizards, and Hermoine is no exception. Along with that, she has the power to do very advanced magic and is headstrong.

Does she stand up for herself, or is it overconfidence?

She has never apologized for being herself, but Hermoine has considered other crises. As an individual, she has always felt the need to be polite and nice; however, she punched Draco when needed. A strong woman, she never lets other people walk all over her!

The beautiful wizard in the movies and a strong human rights activist in real life, Hermoine has always inspired me. I have learned from her how to stand up for herself without being disrespectful. I also do not allow others to be cruel to me; I call them out for it.

A True Friend Or Just Resourceful?

She is a true friend as it is about being resourceful and helping her friends endure suffering and pain. It might have started with solving puzzles, but as time passed, Granger went through some serious struggles, including being tortured at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange!

One of the biggest sacrifices she made was using the memory charm on her parents and erasing their memories of her! It ensured that they might be safe; however, in the book, there might be a possibility that she might have restored their memories, but in the movie, it will never be possible. This proves her true Hogwarts house traits!

Obliviate is one such charm that cannot be reversed; if revealed, it will cause irreparable damage! So, yes, it is a big price to pay for friendship, but if you think about the world’s fate, it may be required of her.

And this is why I say there is no one like Hermoine! Only a few individuals, both men and women, might have the guts to take such a step. Brave but reckless at times, she has been a true friend! If you want to know about her, you have

Compassionate And Yet Too Bossy!

Compassion is an integral part of who Hermoine is in her life! As a “mudblood,” she knew exactly how people felt when demeaned or someone said bad things about others. That is why she has always shown compassion, so this cannot be called bossy!

It’s all about perspective; hence, when she witnesses someone being treated unfairly or witnesses poor treatment, she speaks up! She is also one of the most loyal individuals in the Potter world!

Finishing Off…

Hermoine Granger has been one true source of inspiration for many teenage girls; I am one of them who have grown up to become women who believe in themselves. Confidence is key for us, so we do not let society dictate our actions, nor are we okay with being told off!

Is the character of Hermoine Granger a representation of J.K. Rowling or someone she knows?

Comment on what you think is important for a woman, standing up for herself and being malleable.

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