Fire Performers for Hire

Entertainment by  Mashum Mollah 25 April 2019

Fire Performers

Want to make your party extraordinary? Then hire fire performers! If you’re looking for more information about them, then this is the right page for you.

This article will be your guide on hiring fire performers, more information about them, and other tips on how you can make your special day memorable for you and your guests.

Fire performers will truly add some spice in any party through their daring stunts and expert moves. They can leave your guests in awe and some of them may ask you for recommendations afterward. To know more about them, you can click this link here.

What Can You Get with Fire Performers?

They can do various stunts using different props but all of these have a common ingredient: Fire! They can spin hula hoops that are on fire, juggle objects that are on fire, and a lot more. You need to find someone with amazing choreography as well as years of experience so you are going to get captivated while watching.

There are a lot of circus acts as well as fire eating techniques that can be a breath of life to the party. You also have the chance to see the famous fire extinguishing trick using the mouth. There is pyrotechnics that is visually entertaining to the crowd. If you only have a small space, you don’t need to worry since there are fire performers and jugglers for hire who can inspect the place first to see if it’s suitable for the show, and they can also offer you some extra special juggling tricks that can make you and your guests hooked up for a long time.

What are the Common Events Suitable for Fire Performers?


At the wedding reception, you might want to fill it with sparkling and dazzling fire tricks that can capture your guests’ hearts. There are a lot of performers who can wave around wicks at an amazing speed. The fire can serve as entertainment while your guests eat cakes and filet mignon at your reception. Fire performers are great backgrounds for everyone to show the blazing love the couples have for each other.

Corporate Events:

When it comes to corporate gatherings, Christmas parties, awards, and celebrating promotions, you will have a special time if you hire fire performers. Their hot tricks on stage can leave the guests entertained for hours. Everyone from the company can even sing and dance in tune with the fire performers. You can ask blazing fireworks afterward while everyone in the company is holding a glass of martini or wine. Want to attract the crowd at the company’s annual expo? If you are in a large playground, you can attract potential customers with fire dancing and juggling.


You will never go wrong with professional fire eaters. Be amazed as they transfer fire from one torch to another using only their tongues! They will perform fire breathing tricks when requested. They can perform on stage or walk around and mingle with guests in the safest way possible. If you have a circus-themed party, you will have a huge chance of getting the crowd entertained. Your party will not consist of boring chatter and food but it will be fun-filled and entertaining.

What is the Usual Length Performance of Fire Eaters?

Usual Length Performance

This will depend on your requests. But the average time of performance is about one to two hours. You can request for more time to suit your event.

Space Needed for Fire Performers

The performers need some space in order to perform safely. The recommended stage should be a minimum of 5 meters in length and 3 meters in height. This can allow plenty of space for their props as well. If there are more than two performers, more space is recommended.

Who Will Provide the Equipment?

Since the fire entertainers are generally comfortable in their own equipment, you don’t need to prepare the things that they need during their performances. However, you can ask if they might need some special lightings and sound amplification in order for them to perform better. You might also provide some backstage area for them where they can conveniently prepare each of their performances in advance.

Get a Fire Performer Today:

You can coordinate with fire performers that are nearest to your location. You can search the internet or get recommendations from your friends in order to find the right performer for your needs. Book one today and make your event extraordinary.

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