Rakuten Viki A Premier Destination For Multicultural Entertainment

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Rakuten Viki

When you hear of Rakuten Viki, most probably Asian entertainment pops into your mind because this is a place where you can find Asia’s multicultural background. Viki is an American-based number one video streaming website with its offices in Tokyo, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Seoul. Rakuten has over seventy-seven territories as part of its global ambitions, reaching almost one billion users worldwide.

Rakuten Viki’s multiple television show options and the millions of opportunities to see the new faces make these perfect destinations for entertainment seekers. When you are searching on the internet for Asian movies and television choices, you will get very few options.

Rakuten Viki Is The Best Destination For Asian Entertainments

Rakuten Viki Is The Best Destination For Asian Entertainments

Rakuten Viki has a huge collection of Asian entertainment. Now the world is turning to be small, but everyone likes to see the entertainment channels from their custom and ethnicity. And Rakuten Viki is a good example that is helping you to stay connected with your roots.

This is a premier streaming destination for multicultural Asian entertainment, where millions of audiences watch and engage with their favorite television shows. 

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Here are a few advantages of choosing Rakuten Viki

  • Viki original and movies; all translated into over two hundred languages by a community of enthusiastic fans. They are reaching out to over forty million fans in over one hundred and ninety countries. The website also has K-entertainment or Kdrama, Soompi, an online destination for breaking news, experiences of fans of Kpop exclusive events, beauty, and fashion from all over the world. 
  • In addition, Viki is known as the online destination for Asian dramas with its over one thousand four hundred shows from japan, midland China, and Korea.
  • The website’s video streaming production develops and advances Rakuten Viki originals like the award-winning series co-productions, other studios, drama world, and short content generated by the Rakuten studio. 
  • This streaming website focuses mainly on Asian content and distinguishes itself from ott. Since Viki’s most audience are not native speakers of the language, it allows its users to select their preferred language. 
  • Moreover, this video streaming website has the LEARN mode in which one can study Korean, Japanese, and Chinese by referring to dual English and foreign language subtitles. TV and movies are the most important and potent ways that students can learn about the culture and language, and Rakuten Viki makes the most of this opportunity for students.

The Multiple Television Show Options In Rakuten Viki

The Multiple Television Show Options In Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki hosts several shows, including Youth of May, boys over flower cast, and True beauty Kdrama. True beauty Kdrama is a South Korean drama series based on the long-running web-based cartoon of a similar name. Besides the true beauty of Kdrama, there are other Kdramas like Swing Kids, among others.

Although Rakuten Viki is based in the United States and owned by the Japanese online global marketplace Rakuten, its users are everywhere. American users make up to thirty percent of the streamer’s global subscriber home.

Besides the television shows and movies, Rakuten Viki also has watch parties that bring fans together. So fans from the US and anywhere in the world can now enjoy their favorite tv shows and movies together even when they are apart. 

Furthermore, the website’s innovative community subtitling feature has made it achieve an enormous library of international language content ready for viewers worldwide. Thus helping drive the Asian entertainment waves.

The enormous collections of the available subtitles are making the Rakuten Viki widely popular among the viewers. If; you can not understand the languages of the shows and the movies. You can simply click on the subtitle. Along with American English, but you will also get multiple language subtitle options for your shows.


As people around the globe are socially distancing themselves from others and avoiding things like unnecessary travel, the community thing is what people are now craving for. But fortunately, Rakuten Viki, a video streaming network, brings the community together with its watch parties. With this website, you will enjoy exclusive movies and tv shows for Asian multiculturalism.

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