Wondering How To Sell Feet Pics? Here Are The Things You Need To Try!

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How To Sell Feet Pics

Do you know anything about the niche market for foot pics that makes a lot of money? If you are considering this option of earning, then you need to know how to sell feet pics! In this article, I will address how you can safely sell feet pics.

I will discuss the niche of different foot poses and angles that will help you earn money! It is a legal industry whose main purpose for the feet pics is for advertising campaigns concerning shoe companies, foot care products, and people with foot fetishes.

There have been instances of scamming, especially when people who are in this business have severe security issues. There are also concerns about money transfers concerning security and safety! Even though there are websites to sell these kinds of pictures, some people stalk others.

Wondering How To Sell Feet Pics? Here Are The Things You Need To Try!

Wondering How To Sell Feet Pics_ Here Are The Things You Need To Try!

I am not saying that selling feet pics is completely safe and secure; however, doesn’t every job in the world come with risks? Even though there are higher chances of facing harassment, security risks, and stalker issues in this line of work.

Do not worry, though! It is one of the best ways to earn money, so I will suggest ways to help you stay safe and sell feet pics! Posting feet pics on social media platforms is okay, but try not to conduct business.

There is a high chance of finding spam offers of conducting business and illegitimate users disturbing you. Instead, it is better to select a platform that specifies selling feet pics, is aware of the perverted issues, and keeps a close eye on any suspicious attitude or behavior.

These platforms are legal as they carry out user identification validation and check the type of content uploaded. The websites are engaging and deliver quality products! Illegitimate users are identified, and the website makes them aware of their safety.

How To Sell Feet Pics?

How To Sell Feet Pics_

There is nothing wrong with selling feet pics online; neither should it be taken that way! The process is fairly simple, where you have to take high-quality pictures of your foot that can be attractive and satisfy market requirements for advertisements and others.

The pictures of the feet are taken from different poses, settings, and angles, with various props, backgrounds and submitted or released on the best platforms to earn revenue. Social media platforms are used to promote foot content by individuals, along with creating websites for such content.

With the industry growing, many reputable foot websites and marketplaces have facilitated different types of sales in the form of online, print, and others. I recommend using websites and platforms that enable earnings and yet be secure.

Websites such as FeetFinder or Fun with Feet are quite popular but also take a lot of your earnings that you might benefit from with your posted feet pics. Posting feet pics online is one of the most accessible ways to enter this industry!

Experiment With Content Type And Niche

Experiment With Content Type And Niche

Are you thinking of selling feet pics? You can start selling feet pics online by keeping your safety, but you need to focus on quality and efficiency to sell something. When taking pictures of good quality, you need to remember that the outlook of your feet looks nice.

You need to regularly pamper your feet with cleaning cuticles and nails, pedicures, massages, and other measures. By posting pictures of your feet on different platforms, you can market your feet pics to start earning from them.

So, if you are serious about knowing how to sell feet pics, you need to build a portfolio, considering there is tough competition in the industry. This industry has different niches, such as candid foot photos, staged photos, dirty feet, clean feet, painted toenails, clear toenails, and others.

Try Different Angles And Foot Poses to belong to a specific niche to satisfy particular requirements. Different poses will help you grab more eyeballs, resulting in more exposure. So want to know, how to sell feet pics? Read along!

When posting the feet pics, you must think about the photos’ background. Further, to effectively create quality pictures, you can use props such as lighting, tools, furniture, and others. Investing in equipment, such as good cameras, lights, support, etc., is also important.

Toe Scrunch

Toe scrunch is a style applicable to take pictures to post online and these are the feet pics for sale. The toes and feet of an adult woman is a common pose where the woman is curling her toes.


Arch is one of the sexiest looks feet can have! The higher the arch, the sexier it looks. It is a picture style you can use to post, earning you big bucks! The photos can be taken from the side, bottom, or top view.

Top Of The Feet

Top of the Feet is a common feet pic that is being posted online. People often try to find close-ups of the top of the feet if they have content to sell regarding the health of the feet, advertising any feet products or services.

Toe Spread

Toe spread consists of foot pics that solely focus on the toes, especially because there are different styles of toes, anatomical structures, and others. Painted nails on the toes will further help the look, and the pics of spread toes are very much in demand online.


Candids are another common choice for viewers, advertisers, marketers, and content creators. It is perfect, especially for images used for foot selfies.

Bottom Of The Feet

Bottom of the feet is a style for feet pics where the pictures can be close shots of the back of the feet. At times, there are also demands for close-up shots of the dirty bottom of feet or soles. This is one such style that is content to sell feet pictures online!

High Heels

High heels are an accessory often used to take pictures of a woman wearing bright-colored heels, legs dangling, or kicking off the heels! These pictures are quite popular, especially with the diverse prospects or context of the image concerning the content or material accompanying it.

Nail Paint

Nail polish is very popular as an accessory to make your feet look pretty. The pic of feet with nail paint is in demand on social media platforms, marketing strategies, advertisements, and promotional events.


Pedicure is another picture style often in demand on several online platforms. Many advertisements and marketing campaigns require shots of freshly pedicured nails and feet, especially from the top of the feet.

Platform To Sell Feet Pics!

Platform To Sell Feet Pics!

To establish good content in the form of foot pics, you have to optimize listings on different websites. You also have to use Ads to drive up traffic for your social media platforms and your websites if you specialize in feet pics.

So you question, where to sell feet pics? Read along to learn about these sites. Promotion of content on social media channels can also be taken advantage of in the form of hashtag uses on Instagram, TikToks, and others for more exposure.

1. FeetFinder


One of the unique features of the application or site is that your identity will be completely anonymous. Your details will not be disclosed to the customers; however, you must submit a photo ID for verification before uploading and selling pictures on this site.

There is also a seller fee, so for an annual subscription, you have to pay $14.99 or $3.99 per month for the subscription. Once you open an account on this site, you must upload atleast 4 videos or pics! You can create up to 10 albums.

If a buyer sends you a message, you need to keep your notification on so that you can receive the message.

2. Feetify


So, your question is where to sell feet pics for free? You have to create a free account where you can upload feet pics. However, you have to participate on the site regularly. You have to be consistent in your use of these photos. There is also a premium membership which you can apply for.

This platform has potential customers, so you can directly connect with them. The site is dedicated to photos and is subscription-based so that you can pay $49 in cryptocurrency as a premium member.

3. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet

The website differs from other platforms, especially because of the model validation method it implements. You need to fill out an application form before you can submit the content you have created for sale.

Before submitting a sample video, you must complete the application form. The sample video will be reviewed. It shows the evaluation performed to check the people who are accessing and using the site.

The content form will require you to mention weight and height, so you won’t be accepted if you do not qualify for the “athletic build” model. If you create a video 10 minutes long and carry it on the platform as content, then you will receive $10 for each video.

4. Fun With Feet

Fun With Feet

The website Fun with Feet has a themed collection of videos and photos. There is free content available; however, other content requires you to purchase it if you want to watch it. On the website, these price-based pictures are blurred.

Some popular theme-based collections on the website are boots, high heels, BDSM, sandals, dancers, and tattoos. As a user, you have to pay $14.99 for atleast 6 months, or you can also pay $9.99 for using the service for 3 months.

5. OnlyFans


This website is popular for the rise of personal trainers, photographers, and musicians, especially after the pandemic. Even sex workers have created accounts to earn money legally by posting content.

You must perform account verification, which will take 24 to 72 hours! Only after that, the content is uploaded, and then the content is marketed. Through the content, you can earn money and fame while being anonymous.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is a well-known and popular website where you can create an account and set up a payment method. You have to blur the picture and watermark it when you finalize a rate for the pics.

It would be best to be anonymous when using social media accounts to promote your pics and content. You have to release pics when you receive the payment.

6. Discord


This free app allows text, video, and voice chat among people! The application has over 250 users, and anyone over 13 can create an account and connect with others. There are servers where invitation-only and private options are available.

There is diversity regarding understanding how Discord serves, and then people are invited to share their content.

7. Etsy


It is a great platform for sellers to upload pictures because setting up an account on the site is easy. You have to post photo samples and accordingly receive reviews. It is through this delivery of products that buyers can access it.

The website takes 5% of your total sales, while the site charge for the users is $0.20, especially for the listing fee.

How To Be Safe While Selling Feet Pics?

It is not illegal! Yet you must be careful with your post! No personal information must be shared, especially because it can directly impact security. Accidentally revealing the background or outline of your house or room can display your location or your identity.

If your payment methods are not secure, it will also disclose your financial information and details about you. Try to ensure that your photos must be watermarked when posted or uploaded. The following steps should be taken so that you can safely and legally earn money!

  • Do not include your face in the pictures you uploaded.
  • Use a VPN when uploading pics or opening an account on different websites.
  • You must turn off location when using these websites and upload feet pics.
  • It would be best if you never entertained any personal communication because it might lead to severe risk and security issues.
  • Please do not accept any physical gifts or gift cards.
  • You should never pay clients; instead, you might make a subscription to the sites.
  • You should watermark the images.
  • Always take charge before submitting or releasing photos.

Finishing up…

Now that you know how to sell feet pics, you can implement the different practices that will help you earn money! Do not worry; there is nothing illegal in this practice, but it is not ideal, especially when many people identify it in a negative light.

You can decently earn money by selling feet pics and accordingly build a portfolio. You can combine other ventures to access more popularity and extra income.

Comment down below about your perspective on selling your feet pics online!

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