The Most Amazing Wedding Trends For 2019

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Wedding Trends

Winter weddings are taking place, and wedding plans are being planned now for 2019. The bridal experts are reporting that 2019 will see some amazing wedding trends. We will highlight a few of the latest bridal dress trends you can expect to see.

In 2018 we saw some unusual wedding gowns. It began in 2017 and brides loved it so much that it carried through 2018. Of course, we are speaking of the ultra sheer wedding gown. These barely-there dresses are made of see-through fabric with strategically placed lace. Brides with a perfect shape were going for this gown, but those with more modesty stayed away. This is why the better bridal gown companies created a wedding dress with a flesh-colored underlay covered with the strategically placed lace. This allowed brides to get the shock factor but also to wear undergarments to shape and enhance their figure for their wedding day.

Bridal Gowns for 2019:

Bridal Gowns

In 2019 you will see brides wear a more practical gown. The minimal dress is understated and chic. The most unusual part of this gown is that it comes with pockets. The pockets are not noticeable because they are placed in the folds of the dress. This also camouflages anything the bride may place in her pockets.

You will see more above the knee gowns in white or ivory.  The use of trains was a beautiful trend in 2018, and that will continue. However, you will see more brides in a shorter train this year.


In 2019, colors are everywhere. Bridal flowers are very bold. Pink and blush has long been a go-to color for weddings, but in 2019 pink is being traded for shades of purple. Purple comes in such a wide range of color, it is perfect for any season.

The metallic color for 2018 was rose gold. This year couples are using rust. Bridal experts recommend using two accent colors. Brides are selecting one dark color and one light color to bring the rust to lighten the look. For example, use your rust color with navy blue and lighten it by accenting with gray. Use rust with burgundy and accent with cream. The results are beautiful.

Cosmetic trend:

Brides are keeping their makeup use down so their faces will look more natural. However, brides are highlighting their main facial feature and adding makeup to bring it out. If a bride has beautiful eyes, she will wear a bit of sparkle to her eyeshadow. To draw the looks to the eye, she will wear a light pink lip gloss. If she considers her smile to be her best feature, she will go more natural for the eye and add wine colored lipstick.


For the last two years, big and bold flowers have been popular. That will not change. The bouquets are big and have lots of color and greenery. However, you will see a new bouquet. It is the bridal wreath.


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Couples are trading off their pastry bars for cocktails made with whole and organic fruits. This makes it easier to set-up and serve guests. Those who plan to serve food are ordering organic foods.

Caring about the planet and people:

Couples are more aware of the waste and issues of throwing a big wedding. In 2019 there will be “green” changes. Couples are using less plastic. Flowers are prepared so that they can be re-planted.

Couples are setting their wedding registries are set up to gift couples with donations to the charity of their choice. Flowers that are not plantable (such as the bouquets) are given to senior citizens after the ceremony. Leftover food is donated to homeless shelters in the area.

You will find 2019 the year of the caring couples. There is nothing that makes a wedding more beautiful as one that shares their love with their guests.

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