What Not To Do When On A Holiday With Your RVnGO Rental

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When planning the perfect holiday in your RVnGO rental, it’s essential to research and plan ahead. You want to know exactly how to safely and practically pull off a recreational road trip safely and practically, so everyone has the best time without harm or making unnecessary sacrifices along the way.

One of the first steps is finding a quality, well-established RV rental in Jacksonville to assist with selecting an adequate camper to meet your specific needs.

With the ideal RVnGO rental, it will be up to you to ensure you bring everything you need without over cluttering the vehicle since the space is limited. Overpacking is often one of the mistakes campers make when making their journey.

Often that leaves little room when stopping at the camping store, where you’ll find a few gadgets that might be helpful as you maneuver along your route. In many cases, however, travelers opt for more novelty than essential supplies to make the trip fun and enjoyable.

It’s a priority to have a good time, but you should do so on your own steam and among your natural surroundings instead of relying on gizmos and gadgets that consume the space, so your travels are cramped and less than pleasant. Let’s look at some things you can refrain from bringing on your next excursion.

What Not To Do On Your RV Holiday

When it’s decided you’ll take a road trip in a rented recreational vehicle, your plans should involve determining how you’ll remain safe while camping and what you should bring to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

That doesn’t mean assessing the home to determine what you can’t live without. This is merely a holiday for which you’ll be gone possibly a week, maybe two.

Learn some mistakes road trippers tend to make when preparing for their excursion at https://www.insider.com/rv-rental-mistakes-to-avoid-how-to-prepare-2020-8.

You won’t need those books sitting on the shelf for the past year that you feel you might have time to read now or that sweater your grandma knitted you that you’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear it.

If you’re going on a road trip or camping, the sweater will likely get soiled, and with the activities, there’ll be minimal time to read.

Let’s look closely at the inventory and see what else you can leave at home instead of cramping up the limited amount of space an RV typically provides.

1. Canned items

Many people bring food supplies they never intend to eat but in an emergency. The problem with doing that in a rental is you need to unload all these things you pack into the vehicle at some point.

The best solution is meal prepping while planning the itinerary to ensure adequate ingredients are on board for making the dishes instead of having heavy cans adding weight that you don’t intend on using.

2. Electronic devices

The idea for taking any holiday is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. That’s especially true when taking a holiday to enjoy the natural landscape.

In saying this, you need to avoid bringing your electronic devices, with the exception of mobile for emergencies.

Tablets, laptops, gaming stations, none of this has a place when you’re supposed to be enjoying each other and your surroundings.

Some things you should bring to encourage family time are a few traditional board games, maybe some paperback books when someone is driving, and a puzzle or two.

3. Small appliances

Generally, a rental will come with a few kitchen appliances like perhaps a coffee maker and a toaster. Anything above that is not really a necessity when you’re supposed to be “roughing it.”

Meals should be simplified and planned ahead of the trip with one-pan recipes or things you can make over an open fire to save a considerable amount of space within the RV and lighten the load.

4. Fresh Water

Unless you go out into the middle of the wilderness, there’s typically no need to haul around gallons of water. You’ll need some in the tanks to keep things from clogging, but as a rule, the campsites will have fresh water.

It’s important to remember to dump gray water often since it will fill up rapidly. Black water doesn’t fill as quickly, but it too will need to be dumped to keep things moving smoothly.

Final Thought

When heading out on a road trip with your RVnGO rental in Jacksonville, the priority is to ensure the vehicle provides adequate safety and security when you’re out in remote areas. No one wants to be susceptible to criminal activity. Read how to keep your RV safe here.

It’s also necessary to ensure you have adequate supplies onboard to meet all needs. However, you don’t want to go over the top to the point the space is consumed with these items leaving little room for enjoying the travel or creating a lot of work when unloading the vehicle.

The idea is to get away from all the clutter and chaos of the everyday. It’s good to keep it simple and enjoy a few minimalist days in your rented RV.

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