Home Energy Saving Tips for the Winter

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Home Energy Saving

Winter can be a challenging season. It’s cold, dark, and long. You spend a significant time indoors, using a lot of energy. When you’re home with the lights on, using appliances, and with the heat turned up high all day, your utility bills will increase fast. But you can change such bad habits with just a few simple steps. We’ve created a list of useful tips to help you cut back on your energy spending this winter while still enjoying a warm and comfortable home.

Maintain a Steady Thermostat Reading:


The more you fiddle with your thermostat, increasing and decreasing the temperature, the higher your hydro bill will become. As the temperature fluctuates with changing settings, your HVAC system has to cycle on and off, which requires additional energy. The best course of action to take is to leave the thermostat at an ideal temperature for your household, allowing the system to operate while reducing energy use.

You could also consider decreasing the temperature by one or two degrees. By lowering the temperature a little, you could save up to 10 percent on your monthly bills. Make up for a few degrees in temperature by purchasing a couple of space heaters. Make sure that you match the introduction of the thermostat by choosing the best electricity provider with the best rates in your state to get the lowest energy bill.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors:

Did you know that window and door leakages count for about 25 percent of heating costs? If you have old or poorly installed windows in your home, it’s probably time for an update. A trusted windows and doors company will offer high-quality energy-efficient products. You might not even know it, but if your windows are over ten years old, they could have tiny holes and cracks, letting in frigid, cold air.

Many people are switching to more modern, energy-efficient models because of the better quality and warmth they provide to homeowners. Energy-efficient windows are made with Low-E (emissive) glass, a glaze that traps the sun’s rays and heat inside your home. With more heat inside the house, you won’t have to turn up that thermostat to higher temperatures. Find a company that offers energy-efficient windows in a broad range of styles. You’ll be surprised to see what options are available at the right windows and doors manufacturer.

Bundle Up:

Do you have a closet full of cozy blankets that you don’t use? Take them out of that closet and throw them on couches and armchairs. Instead of turning up the heat, snuggle up in a warm blanket as you work at the computer. Always have a few pairs of slippers lying around for every member of your member to keep your feet toasty.

It’s a quiet, reflective time of the year, but the winter can also be dark and cold. Make it to spring without spending a fortune on your home’s utility usage with these helpful energy-saving tips. By maintaining an ideal temperature, replacing your windows with updated models, and putting on a few extra layers, it will be spring in a flash.

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