Learn About Horry Councilman Cam Crawford Of CCU And Myrtle Beach, SC

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About Horry Councilman Cam Crawford Of CCU And Myrtle Beach, SC

Horry County Councilman Cam Crawford has always been an effective representative for his constituents. Cam has consistently supported issues that matter to residents and businesses of Horry County. He is deeply committed to public safety and works diligently to ensure our public safety officials can perform their duties efficiently and effectively. But there’s a lot you may not know, so let’s get into it!

Education & Background

Cam has used his position on the Horry County Council to address many of the issues impacting Myrtle Beach area residents, such as public safety, protecting the environment, and flood zone regulations. As Horry Councilman Cam Crawford, he strives to ensure all citizens have access to resources and information essential for their safety and well-being. Furthermore, he works towards making sure local law enforcement officials receive sufficient training so they can perform their roles efficiently.

He enjoys spending his free time with his wife Heather Ammons Crawford, who serves as state representative in District 68 of South Carolina and frequently attends political sessions in Columbia. He attended Coastal Carolina University (CCU) where he earned two majors – political science and history – while also becoming part of their respective honor societies.

He began his political career after graduating from Colorado Christian University and was elected to District 6 through a special election held in 2015. This election was unusual because it occurred prior to a general election and needed to fill the seat of a deceased councilman.  Candidates needed to campaign more rapidly than normal in order to win it, which required candidates to put more time and energy into campaigning than would normally be required in a traditional campaign.

He was subsequently elected Horry Councilman, serving District 6. He has proven his value by being both hardworking and dedicated in his service as a public servant and has been very active in Myrtle Beach’s community, helping to improve and increase the quality of life for all who reside there with such ventures as his involvement with wildlife and natural environments in his area, helping educate citizens on how they can protect local fauna while adhering to regulations for them.

Current Position

He currently holds a seat on the Horry County Council and has done an exemplary job since 2015. As one of its members since 2015, he remains an advocate for public safety as well as issues important to residents such as flood mitigation efforts, and has also been an outspoken supporter of protecting local wildlife and environment – something especially vital in an area such as Myrtle Beach which lies along its coastline.

Through numerous initiatives and projects, he has worked to educate citizens on these important matters. His efforts include joining forces with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources in offering educational seminars designed to increase public understanding and protect wildlife in Horry County. This initiative ensures residents can exert more control over the local environment and wildlife.

Cam has also been actively engaged with his community outside his work with the state Department of Natural Resources (https://nrd.gov/SC) He volunteers with multiple organizations and continues to do so even today in order to maintain a relationship with his constituents and environment, both.

Community Service

Horry County Councilman Cam Crawford has taken great strides to serve his community through various endeavors. One such venture involves public safety – helping keep residents protected from crime. Since becoming part of Myrtle Beach’s community, he has invested much energy and effort into protecting and strengthening its natural environment – an effort which is especially vital given that millions of tourists visit annually.

Another way he has contributed positively to the community is through his involvement with public schools in his region. He has served on multiple committees and initiatives designed to enhance education standards throughout this region.

As part of his service to residents, he has collaborated with multiple organizations to inform residents on how best to prepare for natural disasters. Currently a board member for the South Carolina Weather Center and working closely with the National Weather Service ensuring Horry County has all of the resources it needs in case any storm threatens.

Also, as an instructor in Horry County High School’s public safety department and guest speaker at local universities, he has served as an invaluable mentor for students looking for careers in public service or politics.


He has made it his priority during his time in public office to put his energy and efforts toward issues important to Horry County such as public safety, flooding, and wildlife conservation. Additionally, he works alongside other members of the local government to make sure Horry County is doing everything it can to protect and support its residents.

He has extensive experience in local politics and was first elected to Horry County Council, which you can learn more about here, through special elections (as explained before) that were held after Bob Grabowski passed away and left his District 6 seat vacant.

As a result of Grabowski’s death, Cam decided to run for a council seat and help ensure Horry County continued functioning effectively and efficiently. His gamble paid off, as he won the race and now serves in an important capacity within Horry County – making a real impactful difference for its residents.

Cam is one of the foremost advocates for public safety, striving to ensure people feel secure both inside their own homes and workplaces – something especially essential in Myrtle Beach where hundreds of thousands of tourists visit annually.

Cam understands public safety from two perspectives. On one hand, his responsibility lies with making sure people have access to the information needed for staying safe; and secondly ensuring police officers and other public safety officials can perform their jobs effectively and efficiently – by providing them with necessary resources as well as proper training in order to do their jobs well.

Cam is also passionate about providing access to proper mental health care for all members of Horry County, such as first responders and those incarcerated. As a member of Horry County Council, he has led by example in providing this type of help for those most in need – especially those in the immediate community around him.

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