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organized friend

Every group of friends tends to include a person who’s taken up the role of organizer. They might not have been voted into the job, and they might not particularly relish it. But as sure as night follows day, this person will be the one booking hotels, instigating nights out, and buying tickets for high-profile concerts.

If you’re lumbered with this job, then you’ll know about it. But if you’re not, then you might think of your organized friend as an example to emulate. If you’re not naturally on top of things, this might seem like an impossible task, but by forming the right habits, and investing in a few choice items, you’ll be able to whip your life into shape and inspire the awe and envy of your closest friends.

Create Shortcuts

Create Shortcuts

If you decide to create a difficult habit for yourself, then you’ll be less inclined to stick to it. Try to look for ways in which you can do basic tasks without thinking about them. If you have a hook right by the door, for example, then you’ll be less inclined to dump your coat on the sofa. If you can avoid a time-consuming trip to the salon with the help of nail art kits, then you’ll have more time free for other things.

Embrace Technology

Planners and to-do lists are amazingly effective – but they needn’t be kept on pen and paper. The right smartphone app can provide you with ongoing reminders about tasks that need doing, providing you with more headspace to tackle other problems.


Organized people tend to wake up each morning with a clear idea of what needs to be tackled urgently. Often, they do this by setting priorities the night before. Crossing entries off your to-do list can be enormously satisfying.


Being surrounded by clutter is going to provide a distraction. Similarly, filling your day with more tasks that you can reasonably handle is going to overload you. Think about what you really want to achieve, and start discarding the extraneous stuff. You might find that, once you’re an organizational machine, you’ll be able to add some of those extras back in.

Don’t Defer

Disorganized people tend to spend an inordinate amount of time chasing up the tasks that they’ve put off to a later time. Most of the time, working out exactly what you were supposed to be doing takes just as much effort as dealing with the problem immediately would have. Keep your stuff organized as you go along, rather than going on tidying binges.

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