How Can A DUI Affect My Career?

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A bad criminal record is the worst situation when you are trying to apply for a good job. Sometimes you can do everything in your power, but somehow the record seems to come up, and when it does, there is no guarantee you will get the job. One such case which can strain your record is a DUI.

If you are charged for one and wondering whether you are accused, you should be worried about your tainted record; then you have reached the right place.

In short, yes, a DUI will significantly impact your record when it comes to getting a job. So, if you are looking for this article just for curiosity purposes, just know that some records are there for a lifetime.

What Is A DUI?

A DUI is driving under the Influence. This can be alcohol, although driving under the influence of alcohol is called DWI. So, when it comes to DUI, it could be anything starting from alcohol, intravenous drugs, or any psychoactive element.

Even driving under the influence of prescribed drugs will fall under DUI charges if caught. So, if you are caught in a DUI for drugs, it wouldn’t restrict you to a misdemeanor but can turn into a felony. Serious felony defense lawyers are the rightful attorneys who should be called upon in these cases.

This can have an even bigger dent in your official records. Therefore, it is better if you simply make better life decisions.

Can It Affect The Job?

DUI Charges

In short, yes, it can affect job opportunities from the time of conviction. In some jobs, they do not even allow the interviewee to say their side of the story if any form of a criminal record is found in their background check.

Especially if the record shows driving under the influence of illicit drugs, you might not even get a call back to let you down gently. But, yes, there are some things that matter, according to a DUI lawyer in Atlanta we spoke to.

  • Whether the DUI was alcohol or drugs.
  • Is it just one DUI or multiple?
  • How old is the record, and has the record been clean since then? 
  • Have you gone through the probation period?
  • How long have you been sober? So, if you have an official sobriety report, add them to the official record.

They might help your case, but it is no guarantee.

Jobs Can Affect

Here are some of the jobs in which you have no chase upon being accused of a DUI and having a permanent record of it.

  • Teacher: No teachers with a past history of felony are hired. This is because they are in charge of taking care of minors.
  • Driving: If you are planning to find a job in a truck or any other vehicle, there are almost no chances you will be hired with a DUI.
  • Military: The recruitment process of the military is already very rigid. A criminal record is a final testament that you have no charge.
  • Medical Service: Any job in the medical service industry, whether it is a doctor, nurse, mental health advocate, and even a general staff is not allowed with a DUI.
  • Engineering: No heavy types of machinery are to be accessed by any DUI-convicted individual.
  • Government Official: Getting permission to work for the government with a DUI is tough. 

Will The Employers Know?

criminal record of a DUI

There are some cases where the criminal record of a DUI is only within the court records. This means law and order officers and the court can only access them. This sometimes gives the convicted a loophole to lie.

However, that can be even more dangerous since if you are not being honest, and the DUI somehow comes on a background check, you will be immediately disqualified. 

Can Expungement Help?

According to a DWI attorney, sometimes even expungement won’t help. Since many courts have zero tolerance for DUI, they wouldn’t even give you an expungement even after an appeal.

Which means the record is in there permanently. Therefore, it is better to take action before you are convicted.,

If you are still accused, you are innocent. Immediately get a dwi lawyer, and prevent yourself from getting convicted of DUI. This record could be the bane of your career, and even after years, this can haunt you.

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