How Consumers Are Benefitting From One Disruptive Real Estate Platform

Real Estateby Sumona15 October 2022

Disruptive Real Estate Platform

For quite some time, the real estate industry was stagnant – there weren’t many changes to how a property was bought and sold. The percentages received in commissions went unaltered, even as the price of homes skyrocketed over the decades. Now, the digital revolution finally changed that.

Today, savvy Millennial homebuyers use Nobul, a digital real estate marketplace created by digital maverick Regan McGee, to save money and make the experience of buying a home much simpler.

Let’s check out how consumers benefit from disruptive real estate technology.

1. Motivated Agents

Getting a motivated, affordable real estate agent used to be nearly impossible without good luck or a family friend who worked in the industry. Even if you have an industry contact or referral, they may not specialize in the right type of real estate you need.

Now, Nobul tilts the playing field to benefit homebuyers by incentivizing real estate agents to secure your business by offering additional services or cash back. Simply peruse the profiles of the agents offering their services, and see whose services, fees, experience, and user reviews align best with yours.

Motivated Agents

If you’re buying a luxury home, find an agent experienced in high-end real estate. First-time buyers are more likely to want an agent offering competitive prices. There’s no right or wrong answer — consumers need the right agent for them.

Nobul doesn’t accept payment from agents to get listed or ranked, so the profiles are transparent and reliable.

2. Algorithm for the Win

You don’t want to make the most important purchase without crunching the numbers, and nothing does that better than a proprietary algorithm that has processed millions of real estate transactions – which is exactly what Nobul has.

With Nobul, homebuyers can enjoy listings that meet their specifications so closely that they feel curated. You’ll get notified of these listings as soon as they hit the market, so you can pounce on your dream home when you find it.


For those selling a home, the algorithm is the perfect way to determine the right price. You want to maximize your value without driving sellers away. You’d spend your entire life manually making the level of calculations that already guide the algorithm.

If you use Nobul, the work is done for you.

3. Constant Support

It’s natural for homebuyers and sellers to have questions throughout the process, and they need support. Nobul makes staying in touch through the app a cinch, so buyers and sellers can get answers to everything on their minds.

Nobul might use automation, but, of course, not every aspect of a real estate transaction is automated, nor should it be. When you have computer processing and experts constantly at your side, you get the best of both worlds.

Constant Support

The stakes are high in real estate. You don’t want to learn your lessons the hard way after the deal is done.

After decades, technology is upending the real estate sector, with Nobul changing how North Americans of all ages buy and sell homes. It was ripe for disruption after so many years, and given the costs of homeownership, you’ll be eager for any price break you can get.



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