How to Convert ETH to BTC: Detailed Explanation of the Exchange Process (+ Where to Make It)

Financeby Mashum Mollah13 January 2021

Convert ETH to BTC

The cryptocurrency is now on everyone’s ears. Almost everyone at least once thought about buying it, but not everyone even knows exactly what it is, and therefore how to exchange it. We will deal with all these questions with the experts of the Switcher service. On this site, you will find ETH to BTC and BTC to ETH converter. We will leave a link to it right away so you can go and see how it works for yourself

A Little Bit About Cryptocurrencies

For starters, let’s give the basic information you need to know about cryptocurrencies before you exchange them.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital money, which is obtained through cryptographic calculations, usually based on blockchain technology. You don’t need to know exactly how the calculations happen, but it’s important to understand that money can only be transferred through technology, and that such coins have no physical expression in the real world, but have their own course and price. In other words, you can’t hold them in your hands, but you can buy something for them as you do with your Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card, dollar or euro.

Where is the cryptographic money kept?

On special electronic wallets. Such a wallet is protected with a cryptographic key, so it is impossible to cheat with cryptographic currency.

ETH and BTC: What are These Currencies?

BTC is Bitcoin, the very first and therefore the most popular cryptographic currency. It is appreciated for its stability, but at the same time it is already quite popular, so you shouldn’t wait for sharp rate increases.

ETH is the Ethereum cryptographic currency. It is the most popular of alternative cryptocurrencies (all coins that are not Bitcoin), so often people convert BTC to ETH and vice versa. Its closest competitor from altcoins is EST.

How To Convert ETH to BTC or Vice Versa?

The easiest method to convert ETH to BTC is to use an online ETH to BTC converter. But it is not recommended to use any website, because this way you can come across the service with hidden fees, mandatory prepaid offers, or even fraudsters. Yes, we have written above that fraud in cryptographic currency is impossible, but it is impossible in the sense that there are no fake cryptographic bills. But it is very possible to come across a cheater, to whom you will give yours USD, and he will send nothing in return.

Fortunately, this situation can be avoided by using a safe and reliable site like Switcher. We won’t just say that it’s the best service, but we’ll tell you the signs by which you can identify a website as secure:

  • You must go through the registration and id verification procedure. Yes, exchanging cryptocurrency anonymously seems to be a quick and easy option, but in fact, this way you will sell and buy coins from the same anonymous person like you, and he may be a fraud.
  • The site does not offer the lowest course. A small deviation in the minus and low fee (as with Switcher) is a competitive advantage, but a very large difference with other services is suspicious. As well as if the site works at all without a fee.
  • Comfortable conditions. Cooperation with your bank, purchase of currency instantly, fast sale in one and the same place.

So, when we’ve figured out all the details, let’s take a look at how to convert ETH to BTC via Switcher exchanger. As we mentioned, you must first register on the site. Don’t worry, this process is fast and after it, instant verification starts. You will spend a few minutes, but you will secure your transactions.

Then enter how much ETH (or BTC) you have and see how much BTC (or ETH) you get at the current rate. Then enter how much ETH (or BTC) you have and see how much BTC (or ETH) you get at the current rate. Write the address of your electronic wallet, specify all the details, and pay the amount in ETH or BTC. You will get the ready exchange via Switcher service to your wallet almost immediately.

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