Get To Know How To Cancel Linkedin Premium!

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How To Cancel Linkedin Premium!  

Are you planning on canceling your LinkedIn premium subscription? Do you know how to cancel LinkedIn premium subscription? In this article, I will talk about the features of premium services and if it is worth it.

Further, I will also discuss the steps through which you can cancel your subscription to LinkedIn Premium. The application is a closed network, especially when it only allows you to see or connect with people you already know based on your educational and professional qualifications.

You can create an account on LinkedIn which is free of cost. However, some features will not be available to you. There is a premium service for which you need to pay a subscription amount while you get several additional features.

Get To Know How To Cancel Linkedin Premium!

Get To Know How To Cancel Linkedin Premium!

LinkedIn is a social networking site; however, it differs from other areas such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The application has been designed considering the significance of networking in business.

LinkedIn can highlight job seekers in an employment opportunity before hiring managers and recruiters. An established LinkedIn profile ensures you have a strong background concerning educational and professional requirements.

However, the premium services are a far go, especially if you do not have a job or immediately need to change your current employment! Instead, staying on the free application will give a moderate level of exposure which you can later amp up concerning networking with recruiters.

What Is Linkedin?

What Is Linkedin_

A social networking site specifically for creating a business community that will establish job seekers, business personalities, recruiters, and salespersons on the same platform. As a LinkedIn user, you can research companies, new employment opportunities and explore business connections.

The current business trends are also available on LinkedIn, making it efficient with specific industries and geographical locations serving you. Learning about skill gaps and approaching your career growth accordingly is something that LinkedIn supports.

So, do not even ask, how to cancel linkedin! It is one of the best that is out there.

1. Linkedin Premium

Linkedin Premium

There is a free version and a version for which you need to pay! LinkedIn Premium is a more analytical and robust application of the services leading to more exposure and networking. So, know how to cancel LinkedIn premium!

It is more beneficial if you have a business account, as you need to organize multiple accounts with a centralized dashboard. One of the biggest advantages of having a premium account is that you view profiles that have viewed your profiles for the past 3 months.

Having a premium account means you can also send and receive messages to LinkedIn members not on your contact list without additional cost. The application has a four-tier system in its premium services, and as a premium member, you can avail of them.

2. Premium Business

For the business account, you have to pay $59.99 a month, and you will access additional information in business along with unlimited people searches. It is very obvious if you are thinking of LinkedIn subscription cancel!

3. Premium Career

In this section, you must pay $29.99 per month, which will let you message 5 people through InMail who need to be added to your contact list. There is also the facility of on-demand learning videos, which you can access along with the applicant insights.

4. Recruiter Lite

It is one of the highest tiers in LinkedIn premium services, where you will be billed $139.99 every month, where you can access unlimited candidates through numerous people search, integrate projects and use recruiting tools. You will also get 30 InMails that you can use in a month.

5. Sales Navigator

The application allows you to perform company and lead search capabilities where you can access accounts, get alerts and create custom lists. You have to pay $99.99 every month to access this premium application. You can create custom lists and share the content.

Further engagement can be tracked thus, interacting effectively with other teammates.



The features are additional along with the free version of LinkedIn and create opportunities to connect with others, even if they are not in your contacts.

1. Profile Views

You can view people or business profiles that have viewed your profile. It makes you more aware of LinkedIn members and the search results in which you are being featured.

2. Advanced Search Filters

With advanced search filters, LinkedIn has made it easy for us to search for the exact person. The application algorithm helps narrow the search results to the right person we are looking for.

3. Inmail Messages

It is one of my favorite features considering my approach is always through direct communication. Hence, if I can message a recruiter or a business influencer to gush about a policy they support or their achievements, it will be a huge moment for me.

It is significant, especially because it lets you message people outside your contact list who might be too high up in the food chain to be aware of your existence! Do not approach more creepily, people!

4. Sales Navigators

It is a tool perfect for salespersons on the site, which helps them acquire contact information and details of the account and further access other leads.

Is Linkedin Premium Worth It?

Is Linkedin Premium Worth It_

Based on the additional features of LinkedIn Premium, it is worth it, especially if you are a business owner, sales navigator, or recruiter. You get better access to other business profiles and more options for candidates, and free people search.

However, for job seekers, there is no point in having premium subscriptions because they have very limited chances of directly sending an InMail to a recruiter. For recruiters, engaging a job seeker is only possible if they have a vacancy.

As a job seeker, your prospects for employment might increase. However, you will not get any direct integration with recruiters or business owners. It is better to network, rehearse interviews, get advice in your circle, and read business articles instead of paying the subscription amount!

How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Subscription

How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Subscription

So, you want to know, how to unsubscribe from linkedin premium? Let’s discuss the steps you must take to cancel your LinkedIn premium subscription. You must sign in with your credentials through the mobile application or the desktop website.

You then have to select the Me icon on the LinkedIn homepage, which is present at the top left side of the display monitor! Once the menu opens, select the Premium features present in the dropdown.

Another menu will open where you will see Premium Account and Features to find the option Manage subscription.

You will then get redirected to the settings page of the Manage Premium account, where you will find the option Cancel subscription.

It is where you will receive prompts to complete the cancellation process. You can cancel the subscription for the next billing date by scheduling it; however, if you want immediate cancellation, you need to contact customer care support.

What Do We Know!

Now you know how to cancel LinkedIn premium subscription, but it is important for you! If it is not a financial issue, you must consider your position; if you are a recruiter, job seeker, or business owner, you need to decide accordingly!

One thing is for sure, LinkedIn is one of the best business networking platforms in the world. There is no one else as competition, yet a premium subscription is too much for job seekers.

Comment down below on what is your favorite feature on LinkedIn!

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