6 Tips For Creating Videos For Social Media

Social Mediaby Arnab Dey03 March 2023

Creating Videos

The social media world has embraced our reality through and through.

It’s the main source of news, entertainment, and personal or professional communication. Whatever the reason for usage, the main tool for conveying the message nowadays is video content. Creating a ‘hear-and-see-me” video may seem difficult, as you don’t really know where to start, however, when you look into all the nitty-gritty, everything will seem easier.

How to create a ‘talking’ video?

1. Why are you doing this?

Video creation isn’t an insurmountable type of work, yet it requires plenty of skills, time, and knowledge. Thus, it’s important to understand why you are doing it in the first place. You need to understand your goal and work towards it. Is it about marketing, or just keeping the subscribers entertained? Raising brand awareness or making an informative video. If you clarify why you need to make the video, it will set your further direction.

2. Audience

Your audience is your target group, people who are most likely to follow you and wait for your content. You need to narrow down the list of their characteristics, as the more you understand the average user portrait, the better it will impact your communication.

Don’t aim to reach as many users as possible from the very beginning, focus only on the target group, as you need active users, not just casual views.

3. The platform

Another important requirement to consider. You probably want one video which fits all the platforms, however, it doesn’t work like that. You need to change the adjustment for every video depending on the platform:

  • Twitter allows 3 modes: square (720×720 resolution), landscape (1280×720 resolution), or portrait mode (720×1280 resolution). The maximum size – is 512 MB; the length- is up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Facebook: landscape and portrait modes (1280×720). The maximum size – is 4GB; the length – is up to 240 minutes.
  • Instagram: square, landscape, or portrait modes, min resolution 1080×1080 The max size – is 4GB,  up to a minute long.
  • Reels – 1080 x 1080 resolution; one minute in length.
  • Tik-Tok – resolution 1080×1920. The maximum size – is 287.6 MB

Reels are getting more and more popular despite their relative novelty. Make sure you use the slideshow maker in order to create the most attractive and appealing video.

4. Timing

Our attention span is critically low, and it keeps getting worse. Therefore, the length of the video shouldn’t exceed two minutes (depending on its type and the information provided). However, there’s a contradiction – the viewers want as much information as possible, delivered at the rate of knots. Therefore, the video must contain only the st practical and engaging material, everything else should be removed.

5. The rule of 3 seconds

The first few seconds are crucial, as you either captivate the listener or lose them. Such limited timing seems tough, yet it’s still possible. You can start with some provocative questions, motivating quotes, catchy visuals, appalling music, etc.

Anything that makes the viewer think “let’s see” will be perfect. If you delay getting straight to the point, your masterpiece will get lost in the ocean of the same content, without any chance to be noticed.

6. Texts and subtitles

Adding text and subtitles will also help to grow the audience as they influence the understanding and the comfort of watching.

First of all, textual information. The most important facts can be also added to the video, as it’s the best way to ensure that all the information will be remembered (because you will trigger visual and auditory memories).

Another important facet – is subtitles. Social media, unlike the real world, have no borders at all, and your profile can be reached by people from all over the world. Therefore, having subtitles will increase the level of understanding and geography of your subscribers.

7. Video editing software

Making the footage is just half the battle. To make it a perfect fit for the platform, you need to do some magic with the colors, filters, cutting, trimming, etc.

When going through the list of applications for video editing, make sure they offer multiple functions: working with video and photo, numerous patterns for various platforms, filters, free-usage mode, etc. Such abundance in functions will let you work with only one software, covering all the editing issues you may have.

Video content is probably the best choice for increasing the activity of your profile. It helps to spread your ideas and increase the engagement of the followers.

However, it is important to remember that the competition is rather tough nowadays, only the best ones are moving on to yet another stage of popularity. Keep in mind all the above-mentioned tips, engage your creativity and unique vision, and work towards your success.

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