How To Make Your Home More Accessible

Home Improvement by  Ankita Tripathy 28 November 2023

Fitting your home out to be more accessible can be a difficult task, but there are some easy, affordable ways of removing common barriers. You will likely find the process worthwhile because being able to get around on your own is a wonderful experience. You have plenty of options when it comes to improving your overall sense of well-being.

Add A Home Elevator

Home elevators are great alternatives to stairlifts and look more attractive. Elevators are a quick way to get between floors, and they are also safe and reliable. While you might think the cost is too high for you, adding an elevator can make your home more valuable, and you will often get much of your initial investment back. An access all areas wheelchair elevator can make your home accessible to people of all abilities.

Make Your Kitchen More Accessible 

The kitchen is the area where many people spend the majority of their time while at home, but it is also often inaccessible to those with disabilities. There are appliances such as microwaves and shelves that might be above the countertops, and the counters themselves might be too high as well. You can start by moving commonly used items to lower cabinets and shelves so you can easily access them. You can also hire a contractor to help you move appliances around the sink.

There are ADA-compliant appliances that you might find easier to use, and you can lower the countertops to make it easier to use the kitchen on your own. If you use a walker or a wheelchair, you may find sinks and cabinets get in your way and you hit them. Consider adding drawers or organizers you can pull out so you can get to items in the back. These also fold up, so you have more room to move around the room.

Incorporate Smart Technology

Smart technology can make it easy to control everything from ovens to washers to coffee machines. You can use voice activated technology, so you do not have to leave your wheelchair or location to change your environment. Some connect to your smartphone, so you can control those without having to say anything. Features such as smart locks, smart blinds, and smart thermostats were created with compliance in mind, so you may find these easier to use.

Make It Easier To Bathe

Bathing is often risky for those with physical limitations because wet tubs and floors make it easy to slip. Make sure there is plenty of room to maneuver and turn around when necessary. Everything should meet ADA requirements for ease of use. This means fixtures, such as the shower and toilet, should have enough space around them so you can safely use them. You might find that adding safety bars and a bench to sit in the shower helps you feel more comfortable. You can also add positioning poles. There are also non-slip tiles available, so you might consider upgrading to make it safer. Look into materials such as cement, porcelain, or ceramic.

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