An Important Guide to buying a Pallet Jack

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Pallet Jack

A pallet jack is one of the essential tools in construction sites and warehouses. Pallet trucks are cheaper and easier to use than forklifts, safer than manual handling, and are used to transport small loads over short distances.

There are two versions of these tools: pallet jack and electric carts. Depending on the size and scope of the project, both options may be good if you are considering investing in one of these tools but want to know how to buy a pallet jack.

What is an electric pallet truck?

What is an electric pallet truck?

An electric pallet truck is a forklift used to lift and move objects on lower-level pallets. Unlike full-size forklifts, pallet trucks are only designed to lift pallets high enough to clear the floor and allow you to move to another location. The front wheel of the electric pallet truck is in the fork. When the forks are raised, they separate vertically from the wheels. Electric pallet trucks are also called:

  • Electric pallet truck
  • Walking truck
  • Socket


You don’t want to buy a pallet jack with the wrong length. Fork length and width refer to the width or height of the forklift’s farthest part from each side of the jack. The most common size of forks is 27″x 48″, and the most common measure of wooden pallets is 40″x 48″. For 40″ long pallets, please use a pallet truck with a 27″ fork. Too short or too long will affect what your pallet truck can and cannot move.

Safe lifting load:

Safe lifting load:

Ensure that the load is within the capacity of the pallet jack. If you are not sure, please ask. Before transporting the goods, you must pay attention to two points: Before transport, the goods must be stable and centered on the pallet. No, it may fall while driving and cause injury or damage.

If the weight is unstable or off-center, then it needs to be reconfigured and possibly fixed before moving. Before lifting, ensure that the two forks are entirely under the pallet and the load is on the back. This prevents possible damage to the pallet and cargo overflow.

Identification controls:

There should be direction buttons on the handle of the pallet truck. Press the down button to lower the phone to the floor. Again, they should be an inch or two from the bottom.

Pallet Jack:

Pallet Jack:

This type of jack is the next step after the landing gear jack. Similarly, batteries are used to provide lift and power to the wheels, and tray users take up space. The equipment is only one step away from the forklift, but the load capacity is only about 4,000 pounds. Pallet trolleys are very suitable for applications where goods that need to be moved are light but frequently move, or scenarios where many small goods are transported throughout the day.


The most common type of pallet is the 40″x 48″ GMA pallet. GMA stands for Grocery Manufacturers Association. Simply put, it is a standardized pallet that facilitates the transportation and storage of groceries across the country. The GMA pallet has a capacity of 2500 pounds and has four-way entry points for forklifts. The central fork of the pallet truck is 48 inches long, so you can easily lift any GMA pallet. Before buying a pallet jack, please make sure what type of pallet you are using.

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